What does china want from africa??

I am answering this question because I see so many skeptical answers. First, we need to dig into some facts. Can you compare Africa before and after China’s presence there? Let’s look at some of the major infrastructures that China has helped Africa build.

China has been playing a crucial part in improving Africa’s transport over the years, giving a much-needed boost to the continent’s efforts to achieve regional integration. Following is a list of some major railways undertaken by Chinese firms since 2015.

  1. Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway, Kenya
  2. Ethiopia-Djibouti railway
  3. Lobito-Luau railway, Angola
  4. Abuja-Kaduna railway, Nigeria
  5. Lagos-Ibadan railway launch, Nigeria
  6. Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit, Ethiopia
  7. Railway in Kenya

China has made great contributions to narrowing Africa’s power deficit, a perennial problem that still leaves two thirds of the population in sub-Saharan Africa without access to reliable electricity supply.

In 2017, Chinese firms have successfully built or are in the process of building many hydro-power plants across the continent. The following is a list of six Chinese-constructed hydro-power plants, some of which are already commissioned, or still under construction in 2017.

  1. Soubre hydroelectric power station, Cote d’Ivoire
  2. Kariba South Expansion Project, Zimbabwe
  3. Isimba Power Plant Project, Uganda
  4. Karuma Hydro Power Project, Uganda
  5. Zongo II hydro-power plant, DR Congo
  6. Caculo Cabaca Hydropower Project, Angola

Chinese housing project requested by the Zambia government

Various housing development projects for millions of African citizens in other cities

The above are just a few of the Chinese investments and development in Africa. There are too many to name and some are years back and some are coming up in the near future. These infrastructures are much needed for the development of Africa and the African governments welcome such. In addition, these projects also help to provide a lot of employment opportunities in Africa. Chinese firms averagely employ about 80–90% Africans, that is something positive.

It is said by some that there is no way the African governments can repay the huge amount of loans of these mega projects. But why is China doing this? There has been a lot of criticisms from the west. All they can do is create propaganda, criticize, destroy and mess up other nations. Not everything can be measured in terms of money or financial gains. The most important is Africa and China benefit each other in the following:

Mutual respect,
Trading partners,
Tapping the potential of Africa,
Africa is rich in resources,
I know what many people are thinking about, being skeptical that China will colonise Africa. Open up your mind. Go to Africa. Africa is still poor but it is changing. Go to China. Don’t be a frog that lives at the bottom of the well. China is not the US/UK or 5E. China does not create war or destroy nations. Their policy is to work together with mutual respect. They have proven so with the US. They have stressed that to the US again and again in the trade war.

If China can bring up 99% of the 1.4 billion population in China out of poverty in the last few decades, they can help Africa do that too and is giving a little bit of help. And once Africa becomes a more developed nation, things will change for the better for Africa and for the world. I know it is too good to be true, but if China can do it, Africa can too. I give my full support to Africa! So excited for Africa’s future. Africa, here we go!

The Chinese actually have manufacturing factories in Africa already. And the Africans who did not before had any employment opportunities even have the chance now to learn how to manufacture stuffs such as shoes, clothings, appliances, etc. This is something positive for Africa. Then soon they can rely on themselves.

So as to whether its a negative or positive agenda,africa really needs this and africa stands to benefit alot in the short run..And in the long run,africa can decide its future.

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