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The story of LIMBO tells the journey to find the sister of an unknown boy. He is homeless; he has no family, so he lives and begs to beg with his sister. One day, he woke up in a strange place where there was only darkness and despair. When death is approaching, he realizes that there is no one beside him. Not letting go of his fate, he decides to find his sister for no circumstances.

1. Limbo

Earth in the years 2020, the scientific research organization SSC accidentally discovered a special material capable of summoning dead creatures from an ancient sword. The sword was found after searching the hideout of an antique smuggling group. This has surprised all the scientists SSC, which has also made people of the modern era know the mysteries of ancient times. The process of investigating this sword was going well, suddenly the organization was attacked by a group of people, and these people stole the sword. These people already knew about the power of this material, and they discovered that the source of all the mysteries lies in the North Pole. Precisely located in the “Land of Sky” located above the North Pole, this is a land hovering over the North Pole and hidden from human eyes. The player plays Sheila, a female fighter sent by the SSC, to stop this SAI organization.

2. Bright Memory

The Grand Theft Auto series is a good game and is a series of open-world action role-playing games that have created a great buzz, as well as existed for decades now.

3. GTA San Andreas

With GRID Autosport, the gameplay is quite simple, where players will compete with all the remaining riders to become the fastest map. But what is worth here is that the player will own 100 extremely beautiful and carefully designed cars.

4. Grid Autosport

We all know that Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and all the friends have gone through a long 15-year journey to create one of the most beloved Anime series of all time. And soon, those characters will once again appear in the game with all the details close to the anime, giving players a real experience like they are really becoming a shinobi.

5. Naruto Slugfest

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