4 Ways to discover what your strengths are.

If you can remember, back in school some teachers will send a piece of paper around and you kind of be like, what is it for? Only for you to be told that you are to write whatever problem, challenges, or recommendations you probably think can help improve teaching and learning of a particular course or teaching in general.

One of the best ways to help you decide what kinds of jobs might suit you is to ask yourself, and those around you, some questions related to who you are your strengths and interests. Also, think about what jobs are in demand and expected to continue growing. Sounds pretty good right?

Here are 4  tips to get you going:

1. Talk to people you probably trust.

One of the best ways to find out more about yourself is to ask people you like, trust, and respect what they think you are good at. Why not make a list of people you can ask about the kinds of jobs they think might suit your strengths and personality, and if possible, why? They could be members of your family, a teacher or lecturer or somebody else you’re near to.

Have an open mind. Surprisingly, some of the answers and results you get might get you on your toe, or highlight features of your personality that you had not considered. Do not terminate these. The rationale behind is to get a better image of yourself, and that certainly includes the image you present to other people, as well as what you’re good at and things that you could probably improve. These unexpected qualities might offer themselves to an area of work that you had never considered before.

2. Discover your personality by conducting a personality test.
Explore resources for tips on how to get a better understanding of what makes you tick. Discerning about your personality is a great way to start recognizing the kind of jobs or skills which could be a good match.

3. List down what you do.
In your everyday activities, recollect the 4 things you most enjoy doing and list them down. Challenge yourself to think about why it is you like them.

Thinking about the varieties of activities you like, or certainly find yourself doing, is a good way to help identify your strengths and skills.

4. Evaluate your listed activities.
Once you have answers from a few different places, highlight any areas that come up frequently, or charisma traits that lots of people have identified or picked point. Do yourself a favour again by asking yourself the same questions and liken the responses to see if you agree or disagree. The skills which come up most often will most likely be your strongest.

Look at the required skills section on some job advertisement.

Look at the required skills section on some job advertisements and relate which ones you have. You will always be growing your skills so don’t fear if you don’t get ample matches.

Thanks for reading. Peace!.

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