Protect your flyest moments: Skin Episode 1

I bet you are one of these types; the “I took 100 shots, deleted 97, edited 3 and posted one” type or the “let’s do Tik-Tok or perhaps Snap” type. Whichever type you belong, know you’re not alone and you can switch types by the end of this episode. Despite the fact that both pictures eventually surf online, the first type spends more quality time trying to perfect the captured moment; which is past and gone anyways whilst the second spends same time and even more enjoying the moment. What is the difference? The difference is a two-worded secret – Skin care.

Your skin, especially your facial skin – is strongly linked to your level of confidence. No matter the cost of what you wear, if your skin is “annoyed”, half of your confidence is gone. Let me put that one straight across. Come to think of it, we live in our skins perpetually yet, we are myopic to the needs of our skins. Though this is true in both sexes, gents are more guilty compared to ladies. I understand that part of the grocery list of our excuses is the item called “busy schedule”. I used to agree until COVID-19 struck.

I don’t mean to run a free ad for any spa or cosmetic company, but your skin deserves a little love and pampering in a way that doesn’t add any extra cost to your already tight budget. One adage says – The grass is greener, where the bill is higher. I couldn’t agree much, there is work to every beautiful skin you admire, be it Efya, Beyonce or Majid. In subsequent episodes, I will guide you to tell your type of skin and some DIY(Do It Yourself) solutions tailored for your skin type. 

Nonetheless, I would like to lay bare the ground rules for skin care. Shall we get started?

1.Set Aside Time

It is that which is scheduled that gets done. Likewise, if your skin needs pampering, it must transition from being an idea to being scheduled. Never forget that, Your healthy skin is a marriage between you and your habits. Consistency is key when it comes to skin health. For very busy women, I strongly recommend taking Sunday afternoons out just to take care of your skin. It is going to be hard to start and continue but, once you hit the groove, you will also become a disciple. Caveat, it may take an entire month for it to feel effortless and to see results.

2.Eat for your skin

One of the common complains I hear, sounds like – anytime I eat A, B happens to my skin. Let me clear this, whatever enters your mouth reflects on your skin. There are no two ways about that. You will never hear – “beautiful outside in”. It’s always inside out. That reiterates the fact that, your current skin health is a product of eating habit. Let’s agree on this in passing, excess refined sugar consumption is part of your skin problem. Special attention will be given to skin foods in coming episodes. For now, if you happen to be a lover of meat and fish, it’s good start.

3.Beauty Sleep

Honestly, when was the last time you applied facial mask and you gently laid yourself in bed, or any facial cosmetic product and went to bed?  Or let’s hurry to “heblews”? Most of the blemishes you see in the morning, actually develop overnight. I never said, they are planted by Satan while you are asleep. All those are preventable with a good overnight facial mask. Right after applying the mask, allow it to dry and get to bed sleeping on your back. This keeps the mask on your face and not over your sheets. Choosing the right sleep mask and the right pillow (silk) is also important. I would also help you make a good facial mask in my subsequent episodes.

4.Beauty Bath

For those of you who are familiar with the story of Esther in the bible, you would realize that the damsel was sentenced to a one-year beauty treatment regimen; six months for oil of myrrh alone another six with spices and perfumes. Wait, essential oil of myrrh as it is called in modern times, is often used in tandem with other oils in baths. With this inclination, it is presupposing that Esther was literally soaked in the oil as part of her regimen. You may also want to try out a beauty bath on your own, not necessarily with oil of myrrh – with some other combination. I am not by this suggesting a routine, but you should try it once a month. 

Close your eyes and imagine being soaked in one of such baths for 15 mins straight; ouch!! The fragrance alone can tilt your confidence scale. In my subsequent episodes, I would walk you through how to make an amazing beauty bath with milk, similar to one made for Queen Elizabeth I and Cleopatra.

Now, can I confidently submit to you that the second type of persons – the Tik-Tok types; had always known and practiced at least one of these rules and hence their level of confidence. In case, you happen to identify with the first type – “we delete 97, edit 3 and post 1” – you too can bet on these rules as a game changer for you.


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