“Hilarious PRT 2” How to Snatched someone’s girlfriend.

Most often times we find ourselves in a situation where the lady we desire to be with, the lady we love so much, is also in love with someone else. In most cases, we do our best to catch their eyes but still to no avail.

Today, we bring you some basic points that can help you snatched someone’s girlfriend, a lady you want to be with or love so much. Remember this is just for entertaining purposes.

1. Time. Times is one of the most important things in life. It’s so precious that when it’s gone, it never comes back. So imagine, if you can give this precious gift to a lady, why would she turn her back on you. Ladies values men that have time for them.

2. A good communicator. No lady, and I repeat no lady will fall in love with a boring man. How can she sit with you for more than 10 minutes and she’s the one talking more. Bro, you should be doing the talking more. Know when to start a particular conversation. Learn how to make her laugh and you’re on the right track to victory. My guy be a good communicator and that lady will like you for no reason.

3. Be Gentle. Most ladies will be like, he’s handsome, he’s having beards and all that, but he’s not gentle. My dear brothers, our ladies really love good things. How can a lady say, he’s my friend’s boyfriend, I like him, after all he’s not my sister’s boyfriend? Is because he’s gentle. My ladies wants gentlemen so be one.

4. Be ready to Fool. Chai bro, if you want a lady to fall in love with you, be ready for fooling. This is because in nature ladies fool with people they feel comfortable with. And she loves you the more if you join her in fooling.

5. Give good compliments. Even if she’s looking horrible in her outfit, find a nice way to tell her, don’t just hit on the nail. You can say something like, “Woow, you look gorgeous in your outfit but if you change your dress to get something that matches your shoe, you will be looking more elegant.” You just love my words right? Yes that’s exactly how she will feel.

6. Caring. If you don’t know how to care, my brother just forget about what you will do. Listen a lady will be crying just because her Bestie is having small quarrels with her boyfriend, and she will be expecting you to console her. It’s sounds stupid but you have to do it.

7. Be truthful. Never tell lies to the lady you wants to be with. Never tell her you’re something which you’re not. Let her know nothing but the truth. If my wonderful ladies, who got deceived by Satan finds out you lied to them, they’ll never trust and love you again.

These and many more points, but I can’t share it all. Remember, these are for entertaining purposes, if it worked for someone, it might not work for you.

Next time, we will be looking at, How to gain respect from your boyfriend.

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