Chymall, Legit or scam!!! claims to be a truthful website but there’s not much information about it online. That’s why this review is going to reveal everything about it.

I couldn’t stress how important it is to check a program’s review before buying it because there are so many scams online!

I am not associated with in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything. Review


Pricing: Varies between Categories

Founder: unknown

Contact: unknown

What Exactly is is a website that provides product/service like electronics, automotive, clothing, etc.

The website doesn’t give a legit vibe. There is a category that sells human hair at $0.

It looks like the owner didn’t care if the price is $0 or $1000. Maybe they don’t plan to ship. Otherwise I don’t get why would a store sell stuff at $0.

According to WHOIS, the website was created in 2020-06-11. Please be careful when you are dealing with a website that you don’t know.

Generally, for a site that’s created less than 6 months is generally considered new. Please put in extra cautious when buying from them because it can have relatively little review about it online.

Usually if you have purchased any product/service, you should find a return policy on the website.

However, if you check the refunding page, you will find nothing about it. This gives you no protection on the purchase.

As mentioned above, the website was created no longer than 6 months. Thus there’s very little information about the company and whether the product is of high quality or not.

That’s why it is very important for us, consumer to gather information and help each other.

If you have found or known anything about the organization/individual behind this website, please let us know in the comment below. This will definitely help more people to understand the validity of it.

What is Good About

1. Website is safely secure because it has SSL Certificate

The only thing that I find good about is the website has a secured SSL certificate.

The domain name has a HTTPS header and it ensures the communication between client and server.

However, it doesn’t quite tell if the store sells good product and how’s the customer service.

What is Bad About

1. No Refunding Policy

As of writing the review, there are still no refunding policy implemented on the website.

As you can see it’s stated as “Protocol coming soon…” on the date of 2020/6/10. It has already been 2 months now and yet they have no refunding policy.

It looks like the store owner didn’t really put too much care about it.

2. Too Many items and collections

You can find electronics, beauty accessories, vigo capsule and a lot of different categories that have no relation at all.

The website seems very poorly design and the UI looks very messy.

3. Call No Response

We have called the hotline listed on the website but there is nobody answer the call.

This is another big red flag. If anything goes wrong with the order, you have no one to contact and get your money back.

There are far too many alternatives that sell the same item there. I wouldn’t take the risk and give them my credit card information.

Another piece of information is that using credit card is safer than using a debit card because if anything goes wrong, you still have a chance of getting your money back.

What Can You Do If You Have A Question?

When you have a question or any concern, please reach out to the store’s customer service. The information can usually be found on the website’s Contact Us page.

If there’s nobody responses to you or there’s no contact information at all, please contact your bank to stop the payment.

If you paid through Paypal, there is a dispute center on Paypal site that you can contact to get a refund or some sort. More detail is on Paypal.

Another red flag is the sudden change of name.less than a decade in the business and they already changing a name and a website shouldnt you be suspicious of that too?

Above all,i think its too early for us to rule whether scam or legit but for far,they havent given a good enough reason to show its legit.

Also, it would be appreciated if you could leave a comment below for your concern as it will serve as a warning to the other readers. Thanks!

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have more experience with the website as it will definitely help more people out there. Thank you.

Much gratitude to the scam report centre.

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