~ Ernest Ponedong

Digital media has gotten the minds of millennial males
misconstrued. It makes falling in love and spending time with
the opposite sex seem like a “negative” thing. We
continuously read articles from people of this generation
having such an “anti-relationship” mindset and “hit and
run” mentality. This generation’s parents want to control
every aspect of their child’s life . Here are some reasons why
finding that special girl in your early 20s may be best:

Your 20s is the best time to get your life together.
A healthy relationship offers you consistency and stability. It’s “fun” having a ton of girls texting you, right? But it’s
more tiresome making all those girls happy. Think about it. Get
a girlfriend and direct that time, attention and focus on her. Charley People are eating healthier and living longer so don’t
waste your 20s being a complete mess, bro. Waiting until your
30s to “settle down” is a risky game, let that sink in. The free
time is a lot more difficult and less appealing once you reach
adulthood. By 30, you should want true stability, you don’t
want to waste your adult prime going out on dates. Just be careful and play your cards well.

“Goal-oriented mind, a vivid direction of focus when you’re single.” Although your single home-boys are
making the single life seem great(it is, really), having a healthy
relationship with a girl can enhance your overall stability. Girls
are the driving force of male behaviour. Your boys might be
out spending on drinks, spending countless nights having meaningless sex and masturbating, and sending texts to numerous girls who don’t even pay attention to them, you have better things to do. Having a girlfriend will allow you to direct your focus on the things you enjoy most; such as your art, your career, or any other hobbies you may have. After spending countless nights
pillow talking with your girlfriend, you may begin to open up
about your thoughts on the future and, more specially, your
future together. Because you have someone who cares for you other
than yourself and your parents.

“Money Saver”
Some guys would disagree, but having a girlfriend is more cost
effective for your wallet. In no way am I implying you grab
some sugar mama, or going for a low self-esteem girl , but more of a “utilize your resources” type approach. In your early 20s, money is always the issue. Most likely both of you are
pretty broke, but together you guys are well of. With your long-time girlfriend once in a while you go out and have fun while splitting the cost. Hope I’m ringing a bell, good. Besides, going on several dates with one girl is cheaper than going on different dates with several girls.

General perception of people: Polygamy is the norm.
Monogamy can exist within this generation, don’t be carried
away. Don’t let music, negative people, whores or womanisers steer you away from that idea. Your true loyalty to your girlfriend will increase your overall character and self esteem. The ability to be loyal to someone will even increase your overall level of respect from others. In a generation
where it’s so easy to cheat, and take the easy way out, your ability to be honest and love another person will help you prevail in the end. A good girl will help support your vision and
keep you on track. Let’s face it, girls are a bit more mature and have the ability to keep guys more grounded and focused. Now don’t get selfish, your job is to also support her in her
endeavours as well. You got that good
crystal clear idea on “opposites attract”. Your girl is not supposed ro be the same as you, in fact she may be
the far opposite. Both of you will come from a diverse culture, family and social environment. Learning to work through problems with someone who is your polar opposite will enable you to increase your overall patience for diverse backgrounds, not just with your girl, but the world. Having a girlfriend allows you to indulge in so many activities that you can’t do with your male friends. And besides, some things are more enjoyable if someone of the opposite sex is present. You can always count on your girlfriend to roll out with you in case your boys sell you out. Your ability to become selfless finally, this is the best quality to obtain from a relationship. We live in such an individualistic society meaning complete selfishness. Selfishness is an ugly trait and will only lead to bad things happening in this society. Obtaining the ability to care about someone else other
than yourself is all our generation needs to fix its problems. Having a girl will, all in all, teach you that it’s not always about you.

So now that you know all these, you can go out and make good choices. I hope you find love and I hope love finds you.

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