Internet Fraud : How to identify scam websites.

If you visit a website and think it’s not true, you’ve got a couple of telling signs you can look for.

No Postal Address

Real businesses must have a physical email address to sell actual goods. Be wary of any website not listing the physical address or contact details of the company. If the email address does not suit the real location of the organization, attempt to run it on Google Maps to see exactly where it is.

Of course, this law includes several exceptions. Google , Amazon, and certain other online retailers do not list or make it difficult to find contact information deliberately. Yet these brands have already built trust and credibility on the market, so it is unusual for a consumer to doubt.

This is also unlawfully allowed to run a website in some countries without a contact form or email address.

Terms and Conditions Are Obscured, Missing, or Unfavorable

Many businesses have, and for good reason, a generous refund policy. You want their goods to please you, so they’re going to accept returns to spend. If you do not find the terms of the website and sell something, this might put you in disadvantage. If the choice of a return for the usual product ( e.g. wallet, joys, clothes, electronic equipment) is specifically omitted, walk away.

The majority of manufacturers require warranties on defects, which would therefore at least be protected. A business wouldn’t give a guarantee, one of the key reasons is that the business doesn’t sell actual products.

No Reviews

A website either provides product or services and so therefore their credibility will be judged based the testimony given by their old customers and so therefore a real website will have a section that is mainly for reviews.

This is to ensure that new or potential customers who visit that website will be convinced enough and have a sound mind if they want to transaction business with the said, organization through online means.

If you come across a website with no reviews, don’t fall into the trap of being scammed or better still, the website might be a newly developed website and so therefore if you don’t see any reviews, check if there is a contact address; either postal, email or telephone number before you can proceed to transact business with them.

Unsecured Websites

For security reasons, a website should always be safe from hackers.

This also another factor to look out for when identifying a fake or scam website. to check as to whether a website is secured or not, look at the URL section of the website.

Secured websites always have a closed padlock symbol with ‘secure’ beside it before the start of the address whiles an secured website has a crossed padlock symbol or a hazard symbol with the inscription ‘not secure’ at the start of the address.

when looking out for a scam or fake website, this should not be the only factor to consider because there might be some genuine websites, which aren’t secured due to financial constrains which is preventing owners of the websites to purchase security for their websites.

I hope you’ve acquired something new today. stay tuned for more educative contents like this so far as technology is concerned. Please stay safe when you are online. If you have any questions or other issues you would like me to share, please leave your comments at the comments section.

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