I AM SORRY ( Poetic piece by Suraj)

Dear Generation.. I’ve got a mountain of truth to unearth to you It’s nothing more than LUST. We merely the preachers of LOVE, but not the doers. So sorry for keeping you in suspense till this day, about what awaits you.

All Long while, my mouth was glued to the truth, but never knew how to unfold it. While souls are depressed and rubbed in tears for years. Others, caught up and covered in kente clothes of joy. Our brains could only think of our happiness. And not your future existence.

It seems your visit has forever been denied.This is such an unfair world That swings here and there, unprepared. “There’s nothing in the future”, this the gospel our lips are cemented to.

I’m sorry for the threat we would leave behind. All the Land we see today would be severely dried.. The breasts of nature would leach and nothing shall be left to breastfeed you. The hopes of rainfall would take french leave like the disappearance of the smallish-nineth planet.. This is the the sad truth, that’s shaken lights in minds but has refused to see the stones on the ground. And all the truth we were left with are nowhere to be found.

Everything appears fading away like the beach sand dancing to the tune of sea waves. Our world seems greedy and does not want to see you moving in. Your lives are endangered with the extinction of the tree. I knew this, I was told when I was in stage three that when the last tree dies, the last man dies. The values left behind would not be inheritable. I am sorry, I am sorry to tell you that, In the grains band, there would be no grain to rely on. Hmm, it’s like the sheep being whipped and bruised for doing no wrong. But to the truth And all of us living now would be accountable for your lost. And I am sorry.

I am sorry, future Generation.

16 thoughts on “I AM SORRY ( Poetic piece by Suraj)

  1. I felt demoralized whilst reading.
    Our next generation will only survive through God’s intervention.
    God bless you Suraj

  2. Minds are blown away from the fact
    But the grade is eager to see the universe
    Which barely can’t explain it’s concept…Suraj blessed 🙏😇 idea…I stand by u

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