Dear Corona,
You’re welcome to a point where, with disinfectant like a cola, your hands will be given out for marriage to death, the same man you brought to the global shore.

How do you feel after bumping into a country that never showed you green lights despite the litany knocks on the boarders of the countries that cloth us?

Living now seems deadly than dieing at a blast of nuclear explosion, do you know that Corona?

How can you be so egocentric, taking hundreds of worthier lives that only entangled themselves to you as a strange new friend and nothing else.

Lest we ask, what do you seek to labour from this act of terrorism?
Do you seek to wipe off the entire human race?

Dear Corona, a revenge? For the injury caused to the Earth?
Or maybe, you are the food of minds who longed to know how terrible you use your power when mandated.
Well, are you here to humble the shoulders that sleep on necks?

Hmm… secretly, let me unearth to you a secret, we were given birth to into herbs, bathed with herbs, blood filled with dawadawa, so we are bitterly bittered.

There is no iota of falsification that your arrival led to the fall of many.
Great knees kneeling to your presence.
A taste that will reside on our tongues to eternity for the scars and bruises left on hearts are immensely immense.

Corona, till I write to you again for I shall write to you again.

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