I am going back home, I am done with my works

In fact we are living in a cryptic world! A lot of things happening in this world shows there is the existence of Dark world and a lot of demonic spirits too exist.

A girl called Nana Achiaa, from Kwankyeabo has impart who she is and what she was sent to do on this Earth.

She aired that she is not a human being and she came to this Earth for a devilish purpose, just to kill and destroy.

She said, she is a mermaid(Maame water) and she was sent purposely to kill and destroy boys, pastors and some girls.

I have three snakes in my stomach and each of them has their assigned jobs and what they signifies, she said.

One is assigned to destroy any boy who comes her way and sleep with her, the second snake’s job is to pull pastors and Christians down and the last one is for her own good, it gives her money and whatever she wish to have in life.

She listed some heart-wrenching works of her, mentioning some numbers of people she has destroyed in her neighborhood.

I have slept with 51 boys and I have retarded their prosperity and development and there is nothing they can do to flee from this boundage unless they get a very powerful man of God to deliver them, and I have pulled 20 men of God down.

She explained that, she wanted to tempt another pastor not knowing he is very powerful and he brought all her works to an end so she is going back to where he came from because here is not her home

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