A fool says in his heart, there’s no God.

They’re rude like rats, no wonder they fall.

Their moods are bad, like eggs that are spoilt.

Their books are large, yet their eyes are fogged.

They pull large crowds, but oh they’re wrong.

What they call facts, are nothing but bomb.

There is no God

Is that how you want to blame your insecurities on your Lord?

Oh come on..

Lies, hatred and disobedience all over

You blame God because you wonder why the troubles are never over

Or perhaps you just wanna know Him proper

Hmm ” Iron your chest”

I understand your quest

And guess what, I have an advice for you;

You are created for God’s pleasure

And He is also God for your pleasure..

Please Him and He will please you!

I hope you deem this better😉

Samuel & Morris

18 thoughts on “GOD EXIST

  1. Pro 3:5-6 KJV
    5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

    I think the reason why we don’t experience God in our lives is because we don’t live the scripture above practically. This came up when I saw that last picture that had faith in there.

    It takes faith to trust in the Lord with all your heart (example, trusting God to select your life partner for you 🤭)

    It takes faith not to lean on your own understanding (example, not living life according to your past experiences but leaning on the Word of God)

    It takes faith to acknowledge him in all our ways (example praying in everything you do)

    I assure anyone reading this that if you do this three things. God will lead your paths
    You will experience God
    God Exist!

    Morris Great piece here
    Thank you ☺️

  2. Very timely.
    The world needs this piece at this time.
    Pandemic or no pandemic, God exists.
    Good or bad times, He exists.
    Nothing can separate us from the love he has for us.
    Let’s get closer to him, have a personal relationship with him and we would the generous God that we talk about.
    God bless you Morris.

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