Spiritual and Physical benefits of Salt

Salt which is mostly used to flavour food actually contains spiritual properties.

Rock salt is mined from underground deposit of dried lakes.It does not contain the toxic wastes that sea salt has from the polluted ocean water.

Salt has several healing benefits,thus it benefits the heart,reduces depression,good for diabetics, prevent osteoporosis,heals muscle cramps,numbness and tingling sensations,keeps the blood vessels flexible,maintains the correct acid-alkaline levels,helps in digestion, benefits in relieving arthritic problems and many more but it spiritual power goes unnoticed.It can help cleanse,heal and balance energy while repealing negative vibrations.

Below are some spiritual uses and benefits of rock salt.

You can place this combination of camphor and rock salt in a small bowl in the corners of your house and change this everyday for at least 40 days. Any sort of negative energy in your house will be banished completely.

To remove your own negative thoughts, your ego, one can do the following: take a fresh packet of rock salt and place it in your bathroom, whenever you are taking a bath do the following. After you have taken your bath take some salt and scrub it on to your body from forehead to toe and leave it on for a few seconds and then rinse it off with water (do not apply soap after salt). Do this every time you take a bath. This will not only remove your own negative thoughts but will also prevent negative thoughts from entering you. It is recommended that one can do this eigth days ritual once every 30-40 day

To cleanse your internal system well,one can drink water with dissolved rock salt the first thing in the morning or Take one teaspoon of rock salt in a glass of warm water and chant the name of any God that you believe in and slowly drink this water (high blood pressure patients should take this under medical supervision)

Salt water cleansing for home and office can be done continuously for eight days or can be done once every month. Take some rock salt with new cleaning cloth and while sweeping the floor. Add in one tablespoon of rock salt in the bucket of water as well. This will cleanse your space.

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