I am Uneducated, Jesus taught me how to Speak Good English-Bishop Emma

We all know educated person is someone who had the opportunity to go through the formal school system and often has a certificate or certificates to show for it at the end of the whole process and an uneducated person is someone who lacked or missed that opportunity.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Bishop Emmanuel Richard Donkor is the Founder and General overseer of Jesus Christ Gospel Power Ministry who has over 26 branches in Some Towns in Ghana including Obuasi, Kumasi and Amansie South.

Whiles talking about what you can do when you have Jesus Christ in your life on Royal Tv, he unveiled that he is uneducated but he can speak better English with the help of Jesus Christ.

He adviced that, when you have Jesus Christ in your life you don’t need any other help from a priest or goddess before you can excel, and he is exemplary because he didn’t go to school but yet still he can speak better English because he rely on Jesus Christ and is him(Jesus) who taught him everything.

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