Money today is one of the most valuable assets one can have, money is running the economies of our nations today, the more money you have, the greater your influence and affluence, every man and woman is working for money, if you think money is not that important why are you reading this article?
Money finances a lot of things the we see today in our societies, but, there are many ways to make money but the summary of them all are
1. Legal means
2. Illegal means

Money is not supposed to be made through illegal means, money should be made on purely legal means.
The path you choose to get your money has an undeniable impact on how you spend your money and live your life.
Money in itself is difficult to handle, so why create problems for yourself through illegal means?
Working jobs is not the fastest way to make money as big as you want to make it, an average government worker can use 20 years of his or her working life savings to get him or herself a decent home to live in, so basically, you can live your entire life on a job without making any serious money from it, as we all want to make it, it will only be ‘hand to mouth’.

Here are some things to consider when trying to look for money;
To make money, you have to calculatively and consciously envision wealth in your mind.
You have to give the vision time e.g. in 10 years this vision when converted to business should be like this or should be worth this amount of money.
There is no such thing as making quick money, even if you make quick money by any illegal means by the time you grow old, the chances ofyou living in extreme poverty are very high.

You must understand that money is just a paper note or an alloy in the case of a coin, it’s only for the exchange of goods and services, thus value.
Money circulates around value systems, when you are able to bring value, then you will be rewarded with money.
There is no rich man on earth who has not built value, the worth of your assets depends on the value you build around it.

How can I make huge sums of money?

My answer to this big question

If you want to make huge sums of money, identify problems in your society and solve them, bring on board value, what is your value? the business you are having in mind, what’s its value? the reason you see everybody rushing for iPhones is because of the value built around, thus the solutions it offers to the problems of people and so they get rewarded in cash.

Solving problems will not make you as rich as you think. No, until you build a business around that problem you are solving, you can’t make money out of it. Bill gates, the founder of Microsoft solved a problem when it came to the operating systems of computers by creating an operating system but he did not stop there. He built a business around it and today if you are mentioning the names of riches people, he is the first to be considered.
Never chase money or else you will be chasing money (read that statement again, it makes sense with a thought)


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