Meet 5 unusual humans with superpowers you never believed existed (see photos)

What if I told you a lot of superpowers and comic book superheroes really do exist in life? Believe it or not, superpowers are not just the work of fiction TV series and comics. There are some people in the world with special abilities which their peers can only dream of. Some may not possess superpowers but have something peculiar about them. Without wasting much time, let’s start with today’s list.  


Garry is a sideshow performer. He holds the current Guinness world record for the stretchiest skin caused by a serious form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. On October 29th, 1999 in Los Angeles, he stretched the skin on his abdomen to a total length of 6.25 inches earning him the record. 


She remembers everything since her teens such as the time she awoke, what she ate and who she met. All of this is in her brain and can be triggered by songs, smells or locations. She considers it a curse because she can’t forget things and claims it’s a burden on her sanity which doesn’t give her much peace. Her condition is a rare one known as hyperthymesia.


He was just a regular kid in Russia until he was knocked out by a massive electric shock from a faulty wire dangling from the lamppost he was leaning on. He later realised that the accident had given him some sort of superpowers. Metallic objects could stick to his skin and he’s sometimes compared to Magneto from the popular movie “X-men”.


This 7 year old boy from a countryside province in China is known to have super strength. This schoolchild is so strong he can already pull cars along, carry his father and lift huge sacks weighing about 220 pounds without breaking a sweat.


This girl can set things on fire with the power of her mind. She’s a 3 year old girl from Philippines and was living a normal childhood until people started associating her with fires that would start wherever she went. All she does to start the fire is order the word “apoy”, filipino for fire and something would burn. This is a psychic ability known as pyrokinesis.

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