Today my ears hear no Hi’s
No boring salutations or haughty hollers, just alligatored tears and a train of goodbyes
Some endearingly remorseful, others, seemingly forceful
To think that my feet once treaded the dirty Earth
Feels like lifetimes ago already

Today my ghost shall roam the skies
But I know not if I really died
Because I never was alive
I talked, I laughed, but I was dead on the inside
A contorted hologram, abstract, they saw through me
Not even once was I allowed to be the true me

For when I had breath, they deemed my dreams too dreamy
My goals too flimsy
Like a legend lost in time, I was invisible for none believed in me
My feelings mattered not
My existence, a joke, a sick prop
Today they stand above me, they look all sad
But I know my name will be forgotten soon
And they shall carry on with their sorry lives

Today I begin a new life
In the least, I am content that I am lost to this lost world
Nightmarish savior to shield me from the pain, disappointment and hellish lies
If only they could see my wide smile
But before I make my heavenly rise
The world must know that indeed
I was dead before I died

~ Haleem Karmil

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9 thoughts on “I WAS DEAD BEFORE I DIED

  1. Very beautiful piece…i pray everyone finds strength to rise above everything life throws and truly live
    Keep the great works Hal🙌❤

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