I was thinking of my usual morning Milo and wondering whether to switch it with some good old waakye. Who doesn’t know the good that waakye is capable of doing and the magic that it comes with?

I decide on taking my milo and still getting the waakye as well. I can’t risk the waakye getting finished and I can tell you it has happened a couple of times. What can be more heartbreaking than this?

On my way, I take a different turn because I wanted to write this whilst taking in my surroundings and breathing in some fresh air. Hopefully I don’t inhale any viral droplets as I didn’t have my mask on. These are the times.

The morning breeze was soothing and thankfully the ‘Ghanaian’ sun wasn’t at its full intensity yet. After all, Ghana we dey! I had my earpiece plugged into my ears with Asa’s songs playing. A playlist that I carefully created with my favourite Asa songs.The mood was perfect. I was outside but could be in my own world and still stretch my numbed legs.

I see some chickens scattered around seemingly having their breakfast as well and a few faces scurrying off to work. I’m so engrossed in what’s happening around me that I didn’t realize there was a taxi right behind me. The taxi driver gave me a displeased look. I knew there were insults on the way so I quickly averted my gaze.

Random thoughts spring out of nowhere and my mind wanders. What would it take for one to reach and exude their truest selves? Would it be transformative? What will be the responses from people? Positive or negative? Why the hell should we even bother about what society’s gonna say? Society has had too much to say.

What would it take for some to reduce the unhealthy and constant seeking of approvals? Can we give ourselves a little more credit than we do? Can we believe in ourselves just a little more? When do we decide not to encourage any form of toxicity anymore? Toxic lifestyle, toxic relationship…

My thoughts are interrupted when Asa’s song; “the one who never comes ” starts playing and oh I love this song. I pause to hum the song. A few people stare.Β That didn’t stop me. A guy with two beautiful dogs stops me briefly to interact with me. I think the dogs are German shepherds. I think. He’s never met me in the neighbourhood and was quite surprised to know that I live around. We shared a few pleasantries and parted ways with our “see you around(s)”.

I definitely couldn’t keep walking aimlessly around the neighborhood so I got back en route to the small waakye joint.

11 thoughts on “BREAKFAST THOUGHTS

    1. Very interesting write up…. Kept smiling and imagining the scenes throughoutπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œ

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