There have been many questions about sport betting; on whether it is a form of entertainment or a business. Histories have been made in the world of sports and it is still ongoing. Sports as many people say, brings entertainment to people, fosters friendships and relationships, generates income, causes happiness, and sometimes disappointment and tragedy. The practice, sacrifice along with all the disappointment in the end of sports events particularly football makes it difficult for people to pick a side on deciding whether sport betting is for entertainment or business.

People bet on sporting events for fun and also because of the love of the sport category. Some also do it because of the money in it . Others too bet on sporting events because of the love and the money.
My understanding of sport betting and sport itself is that it is a business-entertainment tracking community. That is, sport betting is both entertainment and business related.
The entertainment in sport betting is actually the sport itself with the observation, study and sacrifice in developing results of sporting events. The business comes in when one makes a bet on the event.

Facts and statistics in sports determine people’s decision as to which team or game to bet on and these facts along with the history and ratings sometimes adds nothing or changes nothing about the game at hand. Facts in sports betting just means that all results of past events were not invented but did actually happen. All that has happened in sports and all that is about happen is all part of history. The histories and facts influence future events in one way or the other. The results about to be obtained in sports has little or no relationship with already existing facts and history. History in sports are made because of its dynamic and its ‘no inferior or superior ‘ say. This can only be explained by the punter.

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