The Man I Loved. (Episode 8).


“Good Morning”. Said a pretty fair skinned lady who stood in the door way.We responded with pleasure.

“I’m Philomina but you can call me Mina. And I’m your new roommate” she said.

Well, we are supposed to be four in a room and I hope by the close of the day, the last person will join us.

“Welcome Mina” Aba said as we helped her with her luggage. “I’m Aba” she added.

“Welcome girlfriend, I’m Deba and we’re pleased to have you here.” I said.

“I’m also glad to meet you ladies. Thanks a lot.” she said.

Well all the down beds were occupied by Aba and I, so she had no option than to choose a top bed. She actually decided to be on mine rather, because it was closer to the window.

“Wow, that must be Ken’s drawing I guess?” she spotted the nice drawing and asked.

“Ken? You know him too?” Aba and I asked as our jaws dropped wide like we wanted a handful of banku.

“A lot my dearest, you let me settle down first and get done with some registration process. We will talk in the evening.” said Mina.

“Well actually me too I have to go. Catch up with you in the evening. Anyway my younger brother will be coming over and I will like you girls to meet him.” I said.

“Oh I see, then give him to me err.” Aba jokingly said.

“Oh you too, didn’t you hear her? She said her younger brother, allow the small boy to focus on his education.” Mina laughed after making that statement.

They actually don’t have any idea about how Prince is. I’m very sure if they meet him today, they’ll definitely become my rivals. And I pray he exhibits his unique abilities. I took their contacts and said I’ll call them when he comes around. I left them in the room.

Whiles I was going to do the necessary registration, Ken’s issue came in mind again. Why is it that this is turning against me. Someone that I’m really crushing on and I admire. It seems every lady I get in touch with knows him. Does this means Ken is a womanizer? I’m totally confused and don’t even know what to do.

At 2pm, I was done for the day. I was about calling my younger brother when my phone rang. I checked and it was Prince.

“Hey baby boo, where are you?” I asked.

“You won’t even ask if I’m doing well or was I able to come?” he said.

“Ohhh Prince, I know you’ve missed me and besides my health is important to you, so you’ll definitely come.” I said.

“Then I’m sorry this time around…” he didn’t finish and I interrupted.

“What? Why didn’t you come? You shouldn’t do such a thing, I even wanted to introduce you to my roommates and here you’re disappointing me.” I angrily said.

There was a total silence for about 12 seconds.

“Hello… Hello… Prince are you there?… Hellooo…. Baby boo….” I called.

“Are you done?” he asked.

I felt very sad for how I spoke to him.

“I’m so sorry, just that I told my rommies you’ll be coming around. I’m sorry forgive me for how I spoke to you” I apologized.

I don’t normally do apologies but for this, I felt really bad. I shouldn’t have spoke to him in that manner. After all, something might had happened that’s why he couldn’t come.

“Oh don’t worry sis. I wanted to say, then I’m sorry this time around, I’m not coming because I miss you, but because I greatly miss you.” he said.

Oh my God. I should have exercise patience enough. He tricked me again. I remember he did similar thing the second time we had sex. I really remember that night after he was pronounced as the overall best contestant in the Regional Sharks Quiz. (R.S.Q).

RSQ is a regional quiz organized in the region for people who believe themselves to be brilliant. I was the same person who pushed my brother to go and contest for the 5th edition. It wasn’t an easy task from day one. He really excelled in the 3 months contest and on the finals, per the points he had, he was pronounced as the overall best contestant after winning the contest.

Since RSQ was organized, no individual has had points more than my brother. So on that night, after he had received those two awards, that is for winning the 5th edition and the overall best contestant since RSQ came into existence. I gave him a tight hug and a kiss in front of our mother. I know she wasn’t thinking anything than a brother and sister love because we both liked each other. Little did she know we’ve already banged before.

I requested for us to go out and have fun, but mom said we should go alone. Mom have no problem about both of us going out together, but when is one of us, she won’t agree. So we went to DC’s pub where I ordered for some soft drinks for ourselves.

“Congratulations bro. You see you’ve made everyone proud. At first you didn’t want to participate. Anyway Congratulations” I congratulated him for such a good work done.

“I must admit, you’re such a very good sister. At a point where the contest was tough, you encouraged me, and now we’ve all won it. Thank you Deba.” he said.

“You know what? I want you to tell me anything you want and I’ll do it for you.” I promised him.

“Aww Deba, haven’t you done enough already? I’m glad with this prestigious awards, all I want is for this moment not to be forgotten.” he said.

“Did I hear you say, you don’t want this moment to be forgotten?” I asked again just to be sure if I heard him right.

“Yes Deba. I want all these moments to be forever remembered, you encouraging and giving me hope. All you and mom’s efforts and prayers. I really want to remember everything.” he was very excited from the way he was talking.

This is such a great news, and he is right, this should forever be remembered. I’ll surprise him tonight.

“Prince, let’s go home I have a surprise for you.” I said greatly.

He didn’t say anything, he just followed me as if he was under a spell. I took him straight to the bedroom and told him to give me few minutes.

Yeah so, as he was saying he greatly missed me. I felt ashamed for acting awkward.

“I’m currently at the school entrance and which hall can I locate you?” he said.

This can’t be true, so this little boy fooled me.

“Herrrrrr Prince, be careful ok. You ask for Osei Mensah’s Hall, I’ll come and pick you from there. Your face.” I teased and gave him the directions.

“OK, I’ll be there in no time. Bye.” he hanged up.

I quickly called Aba and Mina to ask where they were.

To be continued.

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  1. Eii ma man so are you talking about your life or something else. Because is real story.

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