Stingy we inside me
Tied up to the tangling dart of life
Cut through so sharp and deep
I weep to sleep
No! I sleep to weep
Oh my God!
Why make myself so confused?

Pinned down to deserve no crown

Love has despised me!
Thoughts aren’t free !
Worries now come at a fee !
Asking what I see?
It’s just me!

You look so clean and pure
Wanting to know?
Just grow and we will glow
Silenced by your emotions
I’ve got no say
In our own happiness today
Just shut up!,
let me pray
All I need is some hay
For this condition I did not sow
Yet I reap because I owe

Happiness locked within us
Till when will you let this pass
Victim of the cold system
I’m terraced to a cottage of millions
Path drawn awkwardly in number like minions
Rise up from within to mellow not below

Isn’t this just lame!

It’s just your thoughts
There aren’t any faults
“Don’t go,
Don’t give up yet, just show”
I said in a low tone to my flaws

And I wish you could do same!

-by Mastermind The Poet-

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