I had a dream

And in the dream

I found you

Smiling from the window of one room

One big room from the dream

I longed for you

For a feel of your body

I’m sorry

If you’ve ever felt lonely

It didn’t seem right

From the dream

You fade and turn blur

Is this hair or fur

Soil my lips with saliva

I’m waiting

Touch me smoothly, gently

Are you ready

Let’s get the heat on before we move on to dealing with the meat

Wait,hold,be steady

Am I seeing this

Is this true

Oh my God,

This is really you

Hug opened

Come closer

Ride right like a surfer on a tide

Make me dream you within the dream

Hit the nail right

Let me loose sight

Till I feel alright

Am not waking up from this night

Is it hot in here?

Is it wet in here?

Is it dry in here?

I’m drowning



Am I running,riding,

Jumping or climbing

Its too much

Sweaty like an egg hatch

Hot like a lighted match

Faster than the hand of a watch

The darkness is too much

Light up the torch

Knock! Knock!!

Yes,who is it?

And I’m awake

Wow,so it was all fake

Indeed,I had a dream!

And in the dream

I found you💕💕

-by Mastermind The Poet-

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