The Inside Life


This word, hmm

I keep hearing it

About how bad it is to fall into it

I keep telling myself that I’m different..that I have not fallen prey to its clutches.

But then who exactly am I deceiving?

It is what is it

Inside life

I try so hard to please people!

Just for praise,

Oh yes the fame,

Money, Likes, Retweet, Comments and “Friends”

I feel trapped because everyone thinks I am who I am not

So then who do I even talk to about this??

Lord I need your help

You need to pick me up from this well

I am drowning

With a false sense of a crowning

That only the world gives.

I need to realize that I am not who others think I should be and they are not who I think they should be either.

Inside life

It’s full of Homo sapiens striving to impress each other

Inside life

It’s people denied of their privileges all in the name of social stratification

Inside life

It’s liking someone and that person too likes someone else and yet the two wouldn’t give themselves chances and the cycle continues

I weep as I wonder why life is like this

Who is to be blamed??

Don’t tell me GOD!

Debbie and Morris.

make sure you don’t give up

28 thoughts on “INSIDE LIFE 2

  1. Inside life, everything is messed up indeed. We’re all living in a matrix. Deep write up, very easy to follow. Super relatable. I think this is great, cause it will let others know that their feeling of confusion is not something they experience alone. Keep up the great work, brother!

  2. Inside life.hmm this world is not normal. Keep it up with the way you link life experiences together. Its very inspiring

  3. Hmmm. Life’s is not fair. As a growing youth, no matter the unfairness of your world, do not fail to live and give out your best.
    Pay any price to live, love and learn…

  4. …..always forgetting about who we really are and what’s we are capable of achieving if we stay true to ourselves

  5. Inside life,
    A facade of a confused youth
    The dilemma of a pressured lad
    Perhaps The gong gongs of the media haven’t sounded it well enough
    So we’ll appreciate this piece with all we’ve we’ve got.

    Highly relatable .Kudos

  6. This is so true. Everyone keeps saying it’s relatable and I don’t want to use the word🤣🤣. It is relatable, can’t think of a better word🤣🤣.
    God bless you both
    Please keep it up

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