Donald Trump suggests delay of US elections.

Once again, US politics have sparked news around the world as Donald Trump took to his twitter handle on Thursday to suggest that the US elections be delayed.

According to the president, the election which is scheduled for November by the US constitution, should be postponed until people could “properly, securely and safely” exercise their franchise to vote.

Trump also contends that postal voting could make the election “inaccurate and fraudulent”.

He made these remarks on twitter against the “universal mail-in voting.”

However, it seems Trump does not stand the chance of ensuring his idea takes effect as Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker also took to twitter to respond to Trump’s tweet.

Other citizens and officials, especially from the Republican party think it is wrong for Trump to bring up the idea in the first place.

We await the future of Trump’s proposal by the house (that is if it would be considered at all).

source: BBC news

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