He looked at his bloodied hands in disbelief, his pupils widely dilated, electrocuting chills running up his arched spine. It was no dream. No, this was real. Unbelievable, but it was damn real. He was still crouched over the lifeless body of Derrick, breathing heavily as if there was a 2 tonne block impinging on his lungs. How did he get here? How did all this happen so fast? He raised his head and the sweat on his upper lip made a quick trip up his nostrils.
He almost shattered his ribs as he forcefully stopped a powerful sneeze midway. As if the shock from that brought him back to his senses which hitherto were lost in a nebula of confusion, he became aware of his surroundings and remembered that he was not alone. Oh no, not just Derrick lying on the floor beneath him, but Derrick’s wife, Pamela and their little girl, backed into a corner in the room, holding each other tightly, Pamela’s right palm pressed firmly over her daughter’s little innocent eyes.

He could see Pamela’s lips moving slowly. It was evident that she was trying to comfort her daughter, but maybe it was too late. Maybe her eyes had seen that scarring gore and she was traumatized already.
Oh yes! The killer remembered now. Everything became clear to him and he knew why he did what he did. A new wave of emotions swept over him and all feeling of fear and guilt vanished. He looked down at Derrick lying in a pool of his own blood and glared with such a murderous glint in his eyes at the dagger sticking in his heart. The killer had a grin on his face which immediately broke into a manic smile.
Yes. Derrick had to die. He was a bad man and had no right to live. Killing him was not a crime. Allowing him to live would have been the ultimate crime, for more lives were going to be ruined.

The killer wiped his hands on his denims, stood up erect and inhaled deeply for a few seconds with his eyes closed. He opened them and searched the room while he exhaled slowly. His bloodshot eyes roamed from the bed against the wall where he had dragged Derrick from a few minutes ago, to the small study desk at the other side of the room which had a few papers and pens spread on it, to the wardrobe. He paused briefly and smiled, content because he knew he would find what he wanted in the drawer at the bottom of the wardrobe. Without wasting any time, he moved there, opened the drawer, and pulled out a pistol in an instant. He checked it and it was loaded. Wow, Derrick really wasn’t playing around. He probably knew his bad deeds would catch up with him soon and that it was only a matter of time before someone held him accountable for them. Well, today was that day and he was given the worst sentence – death!
There were a lot of men and women in the city just like Derrick. Bad people who abused their power and position and preyed on innocent people, siphoning everything into their personal coffers and taking even more from poor and innocent people. They all needed to go. The city needed cleaning up, and he was going to do it. His resolve was strong, and even if he did not want to, it was too late. He had cut one man down already.

The killer turned around, looked at Pamela still holding her daughter tightly. He shook his head, inched two steps forward and pointed the gun at them…


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