The Man I Loved. (Episode 7).


I held his shaft and guided through my pelvis. I robbed the tip on my labia for seconds before pushing it in my vulva.

“Mmm, ouch” I had wanted to scream aloud, but the presence of my mother in the house seized me.

“Oh sorry, is that hurting?”. He asked me.

“Oh no Prince. Continue, I’m enjoying it” I said.

He had no idea how I was enjoying this. I coached him and he was now thrusting back and forth. Because that was his first time, we tried no other style than the missionary and all I could hear was “tah tah tah tah” I hope you know already, if not, then I’m not telling you.

My brother kept on complementing this new lady. At this point especially after recalling the fun I have had with him, made me more jealous and annoyed. I have to stop him no matter what.

“Stop Prince, stop” I yelled at him.

“But Deba” he called.

“But what? Listen, you just have to put it in your mind that, you’re there to learn. And not to be with the guys and be chasing girls.” I advised, not because I want to, but because I don’t want my brother to have anything to do with any lady. It just makes me jealous.

“But Deba I didn’t say I’m crushing or even after her. I just said she got me staring at her. That’s all” he explained.

“So if you’re not crushing, where from all those romantic words for her?” I asked.

He laughed, “Oh Deba no, I was just complementing her beauty and describing how she looks.”

“Whatever, just stay away from those things and focus on your education.” I told him.

“Thanks Deba, anyway my airtime will be finished in no time. See you tomorrow. Bye” that was his last statement and the call dropped before I could say anything.

I couldn’t stop thinking about my brother. I was feeling uncomfortable thinking I might loose him to this new lady. Just as I was busy thinking about what to do to keep my brother to myself, the driver turned to me and said we’ve gotten to my destination.

Hmm I didn’t even realize I had gotten back to Campus.I got down from the car, he helped me to take my gifts from the car. Oh I wish I took Aba’s contact so I could have called her to come and help me carry them to our room. Anyway let me do it myself.

As I was taking them, Aba showed up. I had no idea where she’s going to but I don’t think she’s going far due to her outfit.

“Hey girlfriend, I didn’t know you will come soon” Aba said. “I thought you were going to sleep over” she added.

“Oh Aba, why would you think that way now?” I laughed. “Anyway where are you heading to?” I asked.

“Errrm, I’m just going for some fried egg and toasted bread with any soft drink I’ll get. But you don’t worry, let me help you with your things.” said my sweet Aba.

“That’s so nice of you. I really appreciate it” I praised her.

She helped me carry the things to the room. She welcomed me and offered me a sachet of water. She then asked if I enjoyed my date night. I told her everything that happened, leaving the part I kissed Ken. Wait, did I say I kissed Ken? He kissed me rather, anyway the important thing is we kissed.

“Wow, that’s a very nice date.” Aba said.

“Kindly help me look out for these presents” I pleaded.

“No worries dear” she accepted in good faith.

We started taking them one after the other as we talk along. In fact all the things I had were dresses. Was it because I told him I’m a model that’s why he got me nice dresses like that. Anyway I really liked the gifts.

“So tell me, are you sure nothing happened, not even a…” Aba stared at me in a funny way.

“Not even even what?” I laughed loudly as I asked.

“Errrm you know on a date, at least, a kiss or?” she laughed as she replied.

“Actually, he kissed me, and…?” I said

“And what, continue, he smooched your body, or he did worse?” Aba asked.

“Aba” I screamed, “Why would you say that. He did not do such a thing. You see, he kissed me and I kissed him back. That’s all.” I explained.

“I guess he’s so gentle”. Aba said.

“I think so” I laughed.

As we were looking at the gifts, Aba saw the drawing of me and was amazed. She really loved it until her sudden mood change. She was quite for sometime. I asked if everything was going well with her.

She said “Ken?”

Oh my goodness, she knows about Ken, but how did she know the drawing was from Ken. I decided to ask.

“Yes Ken, you see he is really good. I just met him today and look at the draw he has done for me.” I said.

“Yeahhh, he is.” Aba seems not to be glad when she said that.

I had to pretend anyway.”So tell me, how did you know about Ken?” I asked.

She layed on her bed, pull the sheets over her and said, “Good night. See you tomorrow”.

There might be something wrong. Why is Aba not happy with me? What does she knows about Ken? Who is even Ken and and Where at all does he comes from? I kept asking myself all these questions till I slept off.

I woke the next morning and realized Aba had left. But why would she leave without telling me anything.

It’s 7am now. I checked from my phone and realized my charming brother has sent me a message which reads; “Deba, I’m so sorry for getting you upset yesternight. I’m very sure you were hurt by my words and I greatly apologize for that. As a sign of remorse, I’ll surprise you today when I bring you, your items. I’m very sorry big sister.”

His words made me so emotional. How I wished he was around so I could hug him tightly especially now that I’m really disturbed. I need a chest to relax on.

I got ready to go for another registration process.Just as I was about leaving, Aba entered the room sweating. I guess she went for jogging.

“Good morning, hope you slept well?” Aba asked.

“Morning. You should have called me so we go together.” I said.

“And do you think Ken will allow that?” Aba asked.

She must really know Ken. How can she even know about his likes and dislikes. I’ll let her tell me everything. I can’t be thinking a lot.

“Aba this is too much, can you tell me what you know about Ken?” I asked.

“Do you really want to know?” she asked.

“Yes I really want to know everything you know about Ken.” I said.

“OK, Ken is a…” she didn’t even finish her statement and the door of our room opened.

To be continued.

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