Staying healthy nutritionally during the pandemic

We are living in difficult times and the pandemic has really proved to test our physical, emotional and mental health. Many people by available data have been affected by the Corona virus. Unhealthy diets are contributing to pre-existing conditions which put them more at risk.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Nutritious and safe foods support good health and are essential not just in terms of protecting us during the pandemic, but also contribute to improve and optimize our overall health. Remember that to date, no certified health agency has authorized any claim for a food component or supplement that ‘boosts’ immunity and prevents you from getting Covid-19/ Coronavirus. So many nutrients are involved in the normal functioning of the immune system, therefore, let us be encouraged to strive for nutritious and balanced meals and maintain healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips that can support you and your household both nutritionally and physically.

In striving for a healthy dietary lifestyle, consider buying, stocking and practicing the following:

# Fruits and vegetables : fresh ones, dried, canned or frozen fruits which provides more vitamins and minerals to enhance immunity

# Carbohydrates: includes yam, plantain, potato, maize, rice, wheat, pasta, bread, oat, cassava.

# Proteins: both animal and plant based protein like egg, meat, fish, poultry, milk, beans, groundnuts, soybeans etc.

# Fat and oil: includes palm oil, coconut oil, margarine, olive oil, sunflower oil etc.

# Safe and clean water for hydration ( at least eight glasses a day).

# Natural herbs and spices: includes turmeric, garlic, ginger, blackpepper, cinnamon, apple cider, coriander, rosemary, whitpepper corns, chilli etc.

# Limit intake of highly processed foods and sugary foods as well as unhealthy fats and high sodium foods. Read nutrition labels for more information on purchased food items.

# Prepare meals at home and ensure that meals are safe and free from any contamination.

# Cut down on fast foods if possible.

# Choose healthy snacks like yogurt, fruits, roasted chickpeas, milk smoothies and nuts.

# Avoid alcohol consumption or at least reduce your alcohol consumption because it weakens the immune system and thus undermines your body’s ability to cope with infectious disease, including Covid-19.

# Practice portion control to prevent overeating and avoid weight gain, which may lead to other diseases.

Ways to limit your risk of getting and spreading the virus include:

☆ Avoid touching face, nose, eyes and mouth.

☆Maintain social distancing or avoiding going to overcrowded places.

☆ Regular hand wash with soap under running water before and after touching food items and other surfaces.

☆ Wearing of facemask, face shield etc.

☆Exercise regularly and have enough rest to strengthen your immune system.


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  1. Great piece!! We are indeed what we eat. Keep educating and reminding us of what to eat and what not to…

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