I will never fail to fulfill these Promises if I’m voted into power on December 7 – Mahama

Former President John Mahama

At the level of Vice President, women’s participation in decision-making does not end. A minimum of 30 percent of all women’s appointments must be reached.

In order to effectively tackle the problem and reduce mortality among women by half as compared with 319 of 100,000 living children, we will introduce a series of effective health policies and strategies.

We shall ensure women’s socio-economic empowerment, enforce spousal rule, create exclusive and secure shelters and provide opportunities for abused women and children.

We, the Social Democratic Party, are seeking to make the best of all our cultures, in order to change our nation’s destiny. In this way we will introduce and start the introduction of a Free Primary Health Care Program by the end of 2021, as the basis around which our health policy evolves. All Ghanaians, young and old, can receive primary health care FREE. Our universal health care coverage would provide a stable workforce to promote our growth and ensure that we are safe.

In behalf of the NDC, I promise to compensate those of us who have funds locked into the financial institutions that have collapsed within a year. About a year’s time.Trust me. We will not have long-term insurance mechanisms which will only complicate the lives of offenders.

This has been formed in other countries, a Financial Services Authority will be set-up in the next NDC Administration to ensure that financial markets works for customers , suppliers and the economy as a whole. “The Authority must track and efficiently, and effectively prevent and avoid all financial goods and services available to consumers.

In order to restore sustainable credit for Ghanaian SMEs, we will restorate Ghanaian Indian investment in banking and finance through a tiered banking structure. We will amend those who have failed because of political violence.

We must create an economy that offers sustainable jobs through a transformed industrialized and digital economy that is healthy, secure and strong.

We shall enhance the independence of government agencies, including the Electoral Commission, the Department of the Auditor General, EOCO and CHRAJ.

Procurement from one source ā€“ single procurement ā€“ would not be an exception.

I would actively pursue a constitutional review in search of social justice, which will create a fairer and equitable system of emoluments and remove inequalities between Article 71 workers of the offices and other civil servants.

After obtaining payment for the legal work of the government, all contractors with valid contracts that have been at home for 4 years will then be sent home again. We’ll plan immediately to pay them off their hard-earned money that the Nana Addo administration has purposely denied because of politics.

Operational Sting is a crusade against corruption, which under my watch will require major, far-reaching and realistic governmental reforms. As part of an action plan on honesty for growth, we will launch ‘Operation Sting.’ This would be unfair to all crooked officials and employees in the public sector.

It will be mandatory for anyone working in my Government to publish their assets and be audited by the Auditor General.

The 125 ministers we have been dealing with over four years with the elephantine government should naturally be drastically reduced. The savings from emoluments of a decreased number of ministers and their allowances shall be paid out to Members of the assembly in order to obtain correct statistics on births and deaths in their different electoral fields.

The proposals include an ambitious public and private education and entrepreneurship initiative which will create at least 250,000 jobs annually. At the end of my term of office in 2024, there were 1.000.000 jobs throughout the country. In order to earn a decent living, we must make Ghanaans live.

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