“It was my dream to marry her before she died”

Often times we find ourselves in situations where our love ones go through a lot of pain, almost to the point of death and we can’t do anything to help but to watch them lose their lives slowly. We feel devastated that we can’t help them at that moment when they need us most. Nevertheless we can always help them fulfill their last wishes and dreams even though we can’t save them from dying. We know that at least it can make them happy.

However, easy as it may seem, fulfilling someone’s last wish on their dying bed can be really hard especially when it’s about marriage. This was the case with Simon and Tash.

Tash, 25 years old was Simon’s girlfriend before she was diagnosed with a rare tumor. When the deadly disease got to its last stage and doctors told Tash and her family that she will live but only until a few weeks, the beautiful lady became sad and thought she was going to die without ever fulfilling her dream of of getting married to the love of her life, Simon.

It all seemed impossible until Simon, who was not ready to let his love alone either, proved his love for Tash by taking the hard decision to marry her even though he knew she was going to die soon.

Simon finally proposed to her. In no time, Simon and the family organised a wedding in just four days. Tash’s dream was fulfilled.

Today, Tash is gone forever but Simon and her family have taken the initiative to raise funds to help people diagnosed with cancer.

Simon and Rash did not allow cancer to prevent them from fulfilling their dreams. May the now widower be happy forever.


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