The Man I Loved. (Episode 6)


Finally what I have been waiting for was given to me. He kissed me passionately on the lips. His lips was so soft just as my younger brother’s lips. He held my waist as if he wanted not to let me go. My body was so tensed that I didn’t want this to even end.

“Pii Pi Pi Pii” my driver just arrived as I was about returning the kiss, just as passionately as I received from Ken.Well, it is said, there’s more blessings in giving than receiving, so why would I hesitate to give him a kiss more passionately.

The delivery guys helped me to park the gifts in the car. I felt very emotional because I didn’t want this moment to end. Having no other option, I sat in the car, waved at Ken, and the driver zoomed off.

When I was in the car, I was thinking about how this drama all started. Beginning from where the guys brought the gifts. It was such a beautiful triumphing as they were led by the guy playing the saxophone. Not only that, the passionate kiss I had with Ken, with the melody of the sax at the background.

As I was having a flashback of these moments, then my brother called. I stared at the phone and answered not. I don’t really know what was wrong with me, but the call of my brother made me feel guilty. I felt like I was cheating on him because I promised him not to do anything with any guy. Why did I even promised him.

Gosshhh, he’s calling again.

“Hey, baby boy, what’s up?” I spoke in a romantic voice.

“So tell me, who is telling queen Deba not to answer her lovely brother’s calls?” he questioned.

I laughed, “Calls? Did you say calls?” I laughed again. “But you called only once Prince”.

He also laughed back. I asked why he was laughing.

He replied, “Deba”

“Yes my baby boo” I responded.

“I love you” he said.

“Aww Prince, I know. And I also love you a lot ok. Just put in mind that your big sister will do everything for you”. I expressed my affection and I really meant what I said.

“Oh so you love me this way, and you said I called only once. Do you know the number of seconds it took for your phone to rang?” he questioned.

My brother is a very smart guy, he mostly teaches even when he’s joking. So I knew he was up to that.

“Mmm, Prince the smart boy, lecture me. How many seconds was that?” I asked.

He began, “That was damn 23 seconds 27 milliseconds. And you know how those seconds worth? That is…”

I jumped in, “Is ok Mr. Lecturer. I’m sorry.”

We spoke for minutes, and his motive behind the call was to check up on me and see if I’m ok. Well, why wouldn’t I be okay if I had such a great time with Ken. He asked if he should add anything to my medicated spectacles and the pamphlet. He furthered to tease me that, how am I coping with reading without my spectacles.

Aside the fact that Prince is an intelligent smart and romantic guy, he’s also such a funny person as well. His silly jokes can let you pee in your pants.

“That even reminds me, I wanted to tell you what happened today.” he said.

What happened that I had no idea as at now.

“Huh, what’s wrong? What’s wrong with Mom? Is everyone OK?” I was desperate to know what was going on.

“Oh hell no, we’re all fine. It’s just about something that happened in my I.T class today.” he said.

“Silly boy. You got me scared. Anyway what happened?” I asked.

“There’s this new lady who got me staring at her today.” as he said, my heart skipped. “She just joined our class today and I have been asked to assist her in our previous I.T lessons.” he continued.

“So what’s the big deal about you helping a new course mate?” I asked unhappily.

He explained, “Oh there is actually nothing wrong with that. But the issue is, this lady is so pretty and the way she even calls my name is just extraordinary.”

What’s happening to my brother. He can’t be serious about this. No lady should ever come between Prince and I. In fact I was feeling very jealous at this point.

“Her skin glows like that of Juliet Ibrahim, her eyes are so wide like that of Jackie Appiah. Oh I almost forgot, her shape is just like that of Peace Hyde, and not big ass like Moesha but that of Fella.” he described.

I have to stop my brother at all cost. His ability for good description about ladies especially is getting me annoyed. The way he describes something just makes you picture it in reality. And this has made me remember that faithful day. The very day I slept with him.

As I parted his lips with my tongue and he joined the scenary, I held his head firm so not to let the lips depart. I kissed him so passionately like I wanted to chew his lips.

I quickly stripped of my morning coat and grabbed his left hand and relaxed it on my boobs. I then guided the right on my ass as I helped him squeeze them simultaneously. He got carried away and didn’t want to stop.

I don’t really know how we managed to fall on the bed, but the next thing I remember was, I saw him giving me a soft bite on the lips. This made my body so tensed and I felt very wet beneath. I needed my brother so much this time.

“Prince, I want to feel you in me.” I said.

“Like how? I don’t really understand what you mean.” he spoke in such a soft tone that got me more crazy, that I began imagining how his moans will be like.

I gave him a clue on what he has to do.

“Not that fast, at least this feeling is ok. I really appreciate it. In fact let’s stop.” he pleaded.

I began feeling ashamed of what I have done so far. Let me stop anyway. Something also struck my mind about how nice it will be sleeping with my younger brother. Mmmm, I don’t think I will grant him his plea.

“Shhhh, don’t talk much. I’m so wet darling, and I really need it. Please don’t let your big sister beg you for this.” yeah I did it. I have put him in a uncomfortable situation.

I know Prince loves me and will not let me beg for something. After all, that’s his weakness and I have used it against him.

“OK Deba. If you say so.” he said as he began with the kissing again. He was more passionate this time.

I felt something hard between my thighs as he parted my legs wide…

To be continued.

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