Breaking News: The Demand of Takoradi Girls Kidnapper.

he High Court of Sekondi was astounded by the two Nigerians who were arrested yesterday when the Takoradi girls were abducted when he told the chairman that he was not given enough food at the prisons where he is being sent to court.

He is asthmatic and needs to eat healthy food, John Orji, who was arrested from neighbring Togo last year, said, but was denied the opportunity.

“I’m not looking after my safety with my handlers. I am an asthmatic and sufficient food is required for the medication I am given, but I don’t, “the judge said.

Judge Adjei-Frimpong, the Chief Justice, referred this case to court, and requested that all of the offenders, including Sam Udoetuk Wills, be prosecuted at law.

Udoetuk Wills and Orji told the court earlier that they had no legal counsel, and the judge said the authorities would try to get the lawyers to proceed smoothly. Therefore, the judge suggested that he would write to the Legal Aid for legal aid of the defendant.

He said the issue was of public concern and that the trial needed to be accelerated.

The judge also asked Orji for details on the whereabouts of the investigators when the killings took place on the grounds of a lack of an alibi in his study.

Patience Klinogo, a State Attorney, acknowledged even to trial that the accused already had legal advice. The event has been postponed until 29 July 2020.

Later in an interview with the Takoradi Kidnapped Girls’ family lawyer Nana Abeka, they said that, after the commission process, the defendants had begun the trial.

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