“Nana put that phone down and get to the bathroom! I’m dropping you off today”

“Why Dadi-”

“He’s sick. Now hurry! You know I leave early”

Nana Aba sluggishly walked to the bathroom.

“Achiaa is coming back today. She will get you anything you need”, Katrina said and left the bedroom, uninterested in his response.

Achiaa got the house at about 9 am when Nana Aba and Katrina had already left. She realizes Kweku is home and goes to greet him in his bedroom.  

“Good morning Sa”

“Yes. Come in”

She paces to the side of the bed where Kweku laid down. Kweku pulls up to sit and asks her to sit by his side.

“Did you handle it?”, Kweku softly asked.

After a brief hesitation she lightly answered, “Yes. My mother took me to a doctor with the money”.

He gently strokes her back with his palm and convinced her, “Don’t worry, it will be fine”

Two weeks later…

Katrina laid with her head on his hairy chest as she used her fingers to play with it, after smooching all Friday afternoon.

“He doesn’t deserve you. You know I love you”, Gideon said and fondled her. 

“Let’s not talk about him. I’m enjoying this now. I love you too”, she persuaded.

“Hm. You should finally allow me to preach about men like him on Sunday”, he mentioned and kissed the top of her hair.

“No, I said no. Please-”, she anxiously raised her head and spurned. Her iPhone rang simultaneously as she delineated her plea. It was her assistant from the mart.

“Aunty Katrina, Mr. Richardson and Nana Aba are both here Oh”, she stated.

“Huh! Shit (in whispers) I’ll be there right away. Erm my husband, tell him I’m almost done finalizing the new compartment store deal with the contractor”, she impatiently responded.

She alerted Gideon that her family has paid her a surprise visit and should leave. She quickly dressed up.

“I’ll see you next week. Love you”, she pecked him and hurriedly rushed out of Gideon’s home.

She sped to her mart in less than 30 minutes.

“How was the meeting with the contractor”, Kweku asked.

“Yeah. He will start next week”, she simply answered.

“Me I am hungry oh”, Nana Aba interrupted.

“That’s good, because we’re all going out!”, Kweku surprised them.

Katrina forged a smile.

“Oh, Daddy you should told me earlier. I’d have changed from this disgusting uniform”

“Let’s go”

“I’ll leave my car behind then”, Katrina added.

They went to have dinner at the ‘Le premier’ 5-star hotel. They walked to the restaurant and Kweku got them the table he reserved for them that morning. They made their orders and each had their 3-course meals. Katrina had not made a flinch after they ate, and Kweku strove to go with the flow as they sat at the table. That whole time Nana Aba had already moved to the pool side, along with her ice cream dessert.

She took out her iPhone and opened a WhatsApp chat with Philip, her science teacher.

“Hey”, she texted and restlessly waited.

Five minutes later, her phone beeped with a notification.

“Hey beautiful. Wasup”

“Nun much. Eating ice cream. U?”

“U dey chill. I’m still waiting for a troski at the school gate”

“Awww. Poor you”

“Let me call U. Wanna hear your voice”

As her fingers pressed on the keypad to reply, Katrina yelled out her name from across the outer porch of the restaurant.  She straight away stashed her phone back into the pocket of her skirt and went back to them.

“It’s late. We are going home”

They first drove to Katrina’s mart for her car and then, back home.

Achiaa opened the gates wide to the two flashy cars. She greeted them and advanced onto helping Kweku and Katrina with their bags. She took the bags and an additional take-out meal pack.

After making only few steps towards the veranda of the house, she unexpectedly slipped on her palms, dropping all she held on the neatly tiled floor. She then quickly ran to their green garden in front and close by, and uncontrollably vomited into it.  Kweku suddenly dropped his car keys.

To be continued…

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