Electoral Commission sends out a strong warning to MPs and Political Operators.

On Monday, 13 July, the Electoral Commission cautioned parliamentary candidates and political party operators not to transport candidates to registration centres.

The political parties know that they do not want to register in elections, because they are not residents of electoral regions.

Therefore, Dr Bossman Eric Asare, EC Deputy President for Corporate Services, asked political party operators to stop people who were not Ghanaians.

He said that “to compile a smooth register the Commission needs the cooperation of all our members.”

He called on political parties to inform their officers to avoid unnecessary challenges, saying that “challenges must be based on evidence of persons who violate the registration rules.’

Dr Asare said that certain registered candidates were challenged by representatives of the political parties and added that “Districts Review Boards began to see if those who were challenged are eligible to register and vote in the centres.

“The fact that people are not allowed to be Ghana’s citizens or reside in electoral districts where they choose to register and vote is an important point to emphasize.”

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