Analysis of Stonebwoy‘s Le Gba Gbe ( Alive)Song On the Anloga Junction Album.

The piece in D minor.
The composer used only two chords in this particular music. They are chord one (1) and chord seven(7) to be specific.

The composer used singing only. He made use of compositional devices like duetting with some call and response.

The instrumentation of the piece was not bad. The composer decided to use a minor key because the story behind the mirror of this song is very emotional one and traumatic as well. The instrumentation truly fit the story that is why the composer decided to use a minor key. This is however my hypothesis. But it is a plus here because he made use of a key signature which fit the story.

The beauty as far as this song is concerned is a nice one because it truly you can see clearly that the story ended with life, where one of the eye was opened. The composer decided to do that to also depict the tittle of the piece. That is also a good one. I think there was no much problem as far as esthetics is concerned. The tittle was clearly depicted.
The composer decided not to do any rhythmic improvisation not because he did not know but because he knew what he was up to. Wanted the message to be clear. So, that was why he decided not to use a Major key but rather minor take note. I will grade this piece as an A piece

Suggestions and recommendations
I always say that music is an art and it must be treated as such. Aesthetics is very important as far as music is concerned because that is what touch people’s heart to patronize a particular piece. Take note. Very important. I suggest that before anyone wants to bring a song out for public consumption, composers should think about the mode and style and how to use them with aesthetics to depict the tittle. This is very, very essential as far as music is concerned.

Music Review/Analysis By Kobby Kyei

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