What Have You Just drunk?

Wait, let me guess, if you are an Asian you would inadvertently say “tea”. If you are from Australia Czech Republic, New Zealand or probably Germany you would just blurt out “Beer”. 

However, if you are my fellow country man, “don’t come and kill yourself” let me help. You would just say “water”.

Once again, if I should probe further, it would either be “ pure water” or “bottled water”. Anyways, something is on its way racing fast into your blood stream. 

You would realize that of all the three answers, the last seems to constitute the first two; to some extent even serve as a better alternative. Nonetheless, water is essential. It helps maintain your body temperature, protect your tissues by keeping them moist, aid in digestion and prevent your body from becoming dehydrated.We are implored by medical research to take at least 2 cups of water every hour. 

However, owing to the busyness of our schedules, we find ourselves not sticking to this rule. It’s alright since our diets come in handy to balance our deficit. Our response to instinct , with regards to thirst also serves us well.

Quite recently, a question struck me and literally sat on me for hours. It was this: Is “pure water” really pure or it’s just a generic name for all heat sealed 500ml water sachets? So, I decided to do some run arounds just for you and here are what I found out.

1. Water bagged in plastics and stored in cages under sun for long actually grow algae( microorganism). Remember, all the cages you see around with stockpile of bags of sachet water? The water could actually serve as a nutrient source for algae. And, algae contaminated water can cause stomach upset and diarrhea in children.

2. Leaching of volatile and semi volatile organic compounds from packaging materials into the water has shown to increase with length of storage time, temperature and exposure to sunlight. Bagged sachet water stored for too long – say 3 months – in cage, can plunge your system into a diarrhea mode.

3. Some wholesalers and small- scale unregistered producers operating outside regulatory framework ( FDB and GSA) have infiltrated the market.

Next time, when you purchase your favorite sachet water, be sure to check the GSA badge or you can just buy already popular brands .

Probably, you may feel exempted because you are addicted to bottled water- Voltic, Bel- aqua etc. Trust me, you may want to be extra vigilant about what you take in as water . However, if you happen to always “incise rubber tips” here and there like myself, you also may want to scrutinize your package before appeasing your thirst or maybe you happen to be a nursing mother , watch what you give our future leader. 

Let’s all be on guard. Remember, there is no better gift than a healthy you.

List of abbreviations 

Food and Drugs Board- FDB

Ghana Standard Authority- GSA

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