It doesn’t make sense when you say schools were reopened for votes – Oppong Nkrumah

Information Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah criticized the fact that the reason for the reopening of government schools for final students is the winner, at the next presidential elections in December, of final-year Senior School students from the New Patriotic Party who are reciprocal beneficiaries of Free-SHS policy.

“Anyone who goes to primary school (end-year students) are about 750,000, are they going to vote, for example? What is wrong with this argument? Can they even vote in the primary schools? “At Joynews Beyond the Lockdown on Sunday night, he posed rhetorical questions.

According to the Minister, only a portion of students who have resumed education are senior school students who have been chosen from the opponents that he points out are sponsored by leaders of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

“I believe that this claim does not make any sense as they do not register to vote if you look at basic schools. The argument is that we want students to take their exams and leave this last year. Those in high schools are done and leave again, creating two golden courses, which they haven’t completed.

Tertiary, those who will complete their examinations and even tertiary institutions that have concluded their examinations said very simply, as they have completed their exams, that they are not yet opened up. If all that is combined, the point of registration and voting reopening will be dropped out of the window, “she said.

During the wake of COVID-19, some have criticized the government for reopening schools for students in the final year to prepare for the exit.

Many critics claim that the ruling government’s decision just aims at enlisting and voting for the government in the December polls in final- year secondary school students who are the first beneficiaries of the ruling party ‘s free SHS.

Others argue that the Electoral Commission ‘s decision to assign officers to high schools just endangers students from COVID-19 contracts.

The Minister for Information also argued in response to the above claims that “in any case, what we are both looking at and have had the opportunity to talk about the Electoral Commission since last week is to take place in an atmosphere that does not jeopardize anybody.”

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