The Man I Loved. (Episode 5).


“No Ken, tell me what I’m seeing is not true.” I said.

“What if I decided not to tell you?” he asked in a funny manner.

“Woow, so you decided to me a pack of pens. That’s amazing.” I was pissed off but girl has to chill up.

“Yeah, you’ll be writing in this diary so I thought to get you a pen that you’ll use”. He smiled.

If he had an idea about how annoyed I am, he wouldn’t be smiling to me. What does he take me for? A pack of pens just to write in a diary. Did I even tell him I don’t have a pen. Ah well I even dissed him that he couldn’t add a pen to the diary, and here he goes with a pack of pens.

“Oh Ken, this is so plenty. At least you should have just added one to the diary and that will be very enough”. I spoke as if he has done something big.

“You’re right Deba. But…”

I interrupted, “No, is too much, I’ll be gifting some to my friends don’t you think so?”

“Oh hell no. Don’t do that. The memories we are going to have is endless and I want every moment to be pened down.” he explained.

This guy is very irritating. Look at the romantic words he’s saying yet he’s not proving it, or I don’t worth a romantic treats. I showed appreciation for the gift tho I didn’t like it. I know it’s not right for me to be expecting something huge from someone I just met. But he shouldn’t have also made me believe he’s going to give me something big. Anyway let me leave that aside and get back to business.

We continued with our food and had a lengthy chat. It was getting late so we decided to leave the premises. I had ordered for a ride so he was just waiting for my car to come so he leaves. Whiles waiting for the car, we began another conversation.

“So were your expectations met?” he asked.

I knew what he was asking but I had to be sure.

“What exactly do you mean?” I replied his question with a question.

“Actually when a guy ask a lady out, many ladies have their expectations. What they expect to be happened. That’s why I want to know, if your expectations were met.” he explained.

Should I tell him what I was expecting? In that case he’ll feel sad and might not like me. It’s not a bad thing for him to know this date was so boring, after all there’s nothing to lose at this point. I decided to let him know.

“Actually I didn’t like…” wait a minute girl. Guys are difficult to understand, lemme be the normal and nice lady he sees me.

“You didn’t like what please?” he asked in shock.

At this point I have to think faster than I usually do. Deba think, think… Nothing was coming in mind, and I have to finish my sentence.

At last, something came in mind when I decided to speak.

“Please don’t get mad at me. I didn’t like the fact that you gave me gifts. This is our first outing and you shouldn’t have. If it keeps on like this, I’ll start turning down your invites.” this is a great statement to cover up what I said.

He laughed. “Like seriously, you don’t like the idea me giving you a gift. Then you better start hating me instead.” he said.

And why is he laughing. This gentleman don’t know how I hate him for this. I remained calm.

“Wait Ken, what do you mean by that? What’s…” before I could finish my statement, he held his hands up in the air, just few meters above the head and clapped twice.

Rightly after that, I heard the saxophone being played. I turned to look in the direction of the sound just at the entrance, lo and behold, I saw nicely dressed gentlemen with gifts bags walking to our direction. I was astonished at this point and still don’t know what to do. Could this be a third disappointment? Who knows, lemme be calm.

“I have in my life, gone out with many ladies, and none of them made me feel special like you. You’re such a nice person and you respect yourself. All these are yours.” he said with joy.

“Excuse me Ken. Who are you referring to?” I asked in shock.

“Who else is with me here. Deba, all these are for you. I did what I did just to see how you will react. You’ve made me believe there are different ladies. All these gifts are for you.” he opened his arms for a hug after his words.

I quickly jumped in like tossing my body on the bed. Tears began flowing from my eyes. The enjoyment at this time is overwhelming and I can’t control myself than to cry. He rubbed his left hands through my silky black shiny hair and cares my back with the right, just like what is done when trying to put a child to sleep. Of course I deserve that because I was behaving like a child.

Indeed I’ll write this exciting moment with the pen he gave me in his diary so this moment will forever be remembered.

“Ken, thank you so much. Thank you Ken.” no words were coming again.

He let go off me and said, “I told you I’m a writer, little did I tell you I paint as well. So with this… “, he took a board from one of the guys that brought the gifts and continued, “… I did my best painting ever, just for you. It’s my best painting because is the painting I have ever done in a shortest possible of time.” he turned the painting and it was the very first moment he saw me.

I started screaming. “Oh my Gooooodddd. This is so marvelous. You drew me. In fact you met me few hours ago and you’ve drew me like I contracted you to do so. Oh Ken, why all this.” I cried more.

“Yeah, as I said, this is my best drawing ever and I did it for you. I hope this great moment will forever be remembered.” he said.

“Oh sure, it’ll forever be be remembered Ken. I’m so glad for this wonderful gifts. Thank you so much.” I was still crying.

I now understand why a lot of pens were giving to me. I have a lot of memories to write indeed.

The feeling was massive and tho I’m not in a relationship with Ken, but It’s my prayer that all people in a relationship will enjoy some of this great moment. Can I hear a big Amen.

I think I owe Ken an apology for all those insults and names I gave him. But some way is not necessary at all, since it didn’t come out.

Now I really understand the adage, victory is attained through patience, Upon everything, I ensured patience and here am I, with all these gifts and the best painting ever had in my life.

I couldn’t stop appreciating his efforts. “Seriously Ken, I’m very grateful for this. Thank you so much for everything Ken.” I appreciated again.

“It’s ok don’t mention. And stop crying.” he said and held my head with both hands. He looked me in the eyes and next thing that happened was…

To be continued.

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