Rev. Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso, reveals why most ghanaian youth are moving to Benin.

Rev. Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso, the general supervisor of God’s Solution Center who doubles as the chancellor of the Abbeam Institute of Technology, has responded to the viral #Benin ‘craze’ on social media, on Twitter in particular.

Rev. Danso Abbeam took it to a whole new spiritual level, when we all thought this new Twitter craze is just for fun.

In a new video, the disturbed man of God was alarmed about the extent to which the young people tweet and engage. Angry and concerned Abbeam Danso blamed greedy politicians for initiating this movement, which also forced the desperate youth to follow.

He said the kids can not be solely blamed for greed to get money at all costs, but rather it is politicians who have neglected the people of God and the spiritualists in Ghana for that in Benin, stating clearly his reasons for supporting the aforementioned argument. ‘

Adding that the political negative attitudes, even when needed to kill or make certain deadly sacrifices, have made the youth go to Benin and try greener pastures.

In Dansoo Abbeam ‘s speech, he said: “Ghanaian young people tweet because they need money; the sakawa boys travel to Benin for rituals because all our politicians are persuaded that Ghanaian pastors and spiritualists are impotent. Politicians have paved the way for power and wealth.

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