“Bye-bye daddy”

Kweku took out his wallet, gave Nana Aba three green notes and drove away in his V8.

Nana Aba pulled up her blue uniform skirt above her belly side and perfectly tacked-in her excellently-pressed white shirt. She removed the other arm of her bag, wore it on one shoulder and, gently, making single long steps into the gigantic open entrance of the school. As she gracefully treaded on, towards her classroom block, a palm softly pressed the top of her shoulder from behind.

She startlingly turned and paused. Her heart leaped into her stomach whiles brushing the side of her flawlessly combed, slightly grown hair with her fingers. Her eyes transfixed the young man in front of her, with a lasting stare. She thought she had seen the most beautiful face and enticing stature of a man, yet.

There was a short pause between them.

“Good morning. I am headed to the administration block. Could you please show me the way?”, he asked, shifting his bag behind his back and wiping a drench of sweat from his face and neck.

(clears throat in awkwardness) “Oh, let me walk you there, people always get lost to that block”, she responded with a cunning smile and giggled, showing all her white teeth.

“Haha, okay lead the way, erh-”

“I am Nana Aba”, she added in a rash and smiled again.

There was absolute silence between them as they walked towards the administration block, which was seemingly, only few steps from where they initially stood.

“Thank you, Nana Aba”, he politely said, re-tucking his blue shirt and properly shifting his neatly-pressed black trousers.

“Oh, of course. It’s fine”

She returned on the pathway leading to the SHS 2 block, repeatedly sniggering.

“U see de way den u dey talk Messi, erh Messi, but say nothing. Nothing give Barca. Hwea”

“Ah you fool oh. Masa masa, still kraa first match, 3-nail straight”

“Kwasia. Liverpool murder you squad. Herh 4 nail oo. The second match do all. U see Sadio Mane ein goal? Foolish boy”

(Deep voices bellowing all over), the boys camped at the back of the classroom passionately going back and forth and picking quarrels on the previous night’s champions league match.

The noisy sounds quickly diminished as Nana Aba walked in, elegant and intentional. The room was now consumed with whispers. Some of the girls looked away uninterested and, others glared, as though they had had just about enough of the entrance, she’d always make to class every morning.    

Few minutes to the third period of the day, the science teacher barged into the class 8 minutes before his period will begin. The 60-year old entered with a young man.  He sternly greeted the class and, instantly punished one student who was openly munching on biscuits to exit his class and, pick up 100 empty water-sachets.

He introduced the other man as his replacement teacher. The class sharply responded, exuberantly making little chats among themselves. They seemed awfully glad with the new change. The whole time, Nana Aba had recognized the new teacher in only a split-second from her morning encounter. Subsequently, her mind reserved certain funny thoughts.

“Mm, too much make-up today. Why? What are you hiding?”, Linda, Katrina’s best friend, annoyingly inquired and laughed loudly as she entered her office.

Linda pulled off a surprise visit to Katrina’s shopping mart that afternoon.

Katrina paused, inwardly uneased. “Oh, tsw. Really, I hadn’t noticed”, she answered, touching the side of her face and conjuring a smile afterwards.

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

“No-nothing, fine, everything’s fine”

“Hm good, let’s hurry to lunch. I have some news. But mostly hungry”

“Me too”

They giggled and amusingly got up.

They picked up their handbags and left the office and took the elevator, down.

To be continued…

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