Even if she is to be my ex

I would always cherish that yes

Yes,that yes she said to me when i proposed

She accepted something with faith

Something that was never supposed to be

What at all didnt i say or see

Acting busy was actually my best!

Would be glad to have her back

Let my table set before me be my test

With saddened Eyes and heart will i contest

Failing all my class tests just to pass yours

Twenty Five percent was actually my best!

On to whats next

I chose to love

Many mistakes,you changed my falls

My problems, you helped me solve

But making you cry was actually my best

Now that you gave me the chance to rest

Hardening your heart from staring at mine

Pretending to be okay and fine

Each new day,just as I’m awake and on time

Thinking about you is what i actually do best

I loved one

But now I have none

I guess that I didn’t prove to be the right man

What I ask for now

Is that whenever you are sharing your love story

Put me first

And I will never find a reason to worry

Because keeping you forever

Was something I actually couldn’t do best!!

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