Have you ever felt like life is hard?… Like it can sometimes be a struggle to get up in the morning and do the things you need to do? What do you think makes life seem that way sometimes? You wake up feeling constantly tired and stressed or even scared to face the day… Does life just seem too much?

Yh, I get it. Maybe you have lots of work to do; You have debts to pay; You have so much on your mind you need to accomplish but the more you try, the more it fails. Maybe the whole world seems to have turned against you… I get it.

But now I want you to think about a true warrior… Think about someone who sleeps rough, unsure of whether or not they’re going to die during the night. Then they wake up, no time for shower or a nice breakfast, and they leap straight into action. They ignore their wounds, they take lives and they see their friends and their brothers in arms shot and killed in front of them. How does it feel?… But yet no matter what is happening, what has happened or what lies ahead of them, they get up to their feet and get back to the battlefield each morning they find themselves alive!!

This is what I mean. Being a warrior, and having a warrior mindset is not about there is nothing at stake. There are so many things at stake but I need to get the going going no matter what – this is the warrior mindset! There are so many things to pull me back but I keep pushing with the very little strength left in me-this is the warrior mindset! And being a warrior is not only about the battlefield. Everyone is a warrior in his or her own way… At the workplace, at home, your financial plans, family, your goals, your dreams! And before you can conquer these battles, you need this bulletproof mindset of a true warrior. Because so many things are going to try be obstacles and you need to defeat them!!

There are so many problems on my head in the office, at home… my friends, family, everything! It even feels like ending my life sometimes. Yes, there are so many things to stop you and there are so many things to pull you back. But the warrior’s mindset tells me this, ‘I know what I want; I know I want my life to be better, I know I want to see this world change for the best, I know I want this and I want that! So it’s time, and now is that time to go for it. I’m taking the responsibility and hardship on my shoulders with dignity and pride… And nothing at all is stopping me from making it happen! It doesn’t matter what has happened, what is happening, or what may lie ahead of me, I’m getting this done!!’

This is the warrior mindset… And with this together with God on your side, nothing can stop you!

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