The Man I Loved. (Episode 4).


To be frank, I wasn’t expecting what I saw. It was a very nice pinkish diary. Jesoozzzz, Ken is a kill joy guy. What on earth am I using a diary for at this moment. Anyway I have to pretend I like it so he won’t feel bad.

“Oh my greatness, Ken” I gave him a tight hug and continued, “You’re really a nice man. Woow look at it. It’s so nice. Aww thank you Ken”.

“I know you didn’t expect something like this, at least I should have given you something big and more valuable but I have a reason why I gave you this diary.” he said.

What reason at all do this guy have that he gave me a diary. Just a diary. I even realized there was no pen attached, yet he claims he has a reason. Well as I said, I won’t let someone’s handsome young guy feel bad for a gift he gave from his heart, which one way or the other, I don’t like. After all he tried.

“Awww” was all that my mouth could say.

He explained, “As I said, I want this memory forever to be remembered. And not only this memory, but any other memories we will share. So I want you to write every time we will spend together in this diary. I hope you will do so?”

“Ken, don’t feel bad. I really like this gift of yours. In fact you’ve showed me a different level of friendship. Thank you so much.” I know myself all these words are liars yet I want him to be happy.

If Mohammed refuses to go to the mountains, the mountains shall come to Mohammed. I decided to give him another hug again and this time, kiss him, to at least show him I really liked what he gave me.

I jumped oh him and wrapped my hands around his neck. My next move is a kiss if I let go of his neck.

“Excuse me” his phone rang.

Oh no. Not again. This time that I want to control everything, just as I controlled my younger brother and see.

“Give me a minute” he requested.

“Oh never mind.” I said.

He walked few steps away from where we were standing. Wait a minute, who can the person be that he has to go away from me just to talk with the person. I began thinking a lot and feeling jealous.

“Maybe is the girlfriend.” I began talking to myself. “No wonder he’s playing with my feelings. Damn it”

Where I was standing at the pool, I could see him very excited on the phone. This guy is such a liar. He said meeting me was this, meeting me was that. But he hasn’t been so happy like this. Never trust guys. They are the best liars you could ever meet.

I saw the waiter coming to him. I don’t know what they discussed but I’m sure at least, my roasted chicken and salad that I ordered was ready. He ended the call and came to call me.

“Sorry for keeping you lonely. Anyway our food is ready.” he said.

Ah well, my guess was just right. Food is readyyyy.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m ok. I was enjoying the scenery here”. I told him as well walked back to our seats.

We sat down as we sip our drinks when the waiter brought our food. He gave me a wink as he served me. I smiled back at him and he giggled. Ken had no idea what was going on since he was busy with his phone. Only God knows the number of ladies he’s lying to at that moment.

The waiter intentionally touched my left hand when dropping my tissues. He’s a fine guy with huge muscles. His gap teeth makes his smile so nice, not forgetting his undeveloped dimples. His bears runs down in a thin line across his cheeks. Charlie, Deba I have good taste for guys.

“I’m… I’m… I’m s…o… So soooo, soooo, sorry Ma’am.” he stammered.

Bueiiiii, not a good catch today ooo, I like fine boys but for this, I’m out. I shouldn’t let him waste his energy because he has turned me down already. I know some other ladies have feelings for stammers but I’m not one of them.

“Don’t worry my dearest, you can go.” I fake a smile as I speak.

“O… O… Oh Ma, I… I… I’m, m..m…m so…” I didn’t let him finish.

“So sorry. Yeah I understand you it’s ok. You can go” I helped him out with what he had wanted to say.

Ken joined in and asked him to go we’re OK. He then helped me open my food.

Awurade Nyankopon Jesus Christ (Mentioning God’s name in a Ghanaian language), I quickly picked up the menu again and realized I mistakenly ordered for a full chicken with potato chips. Oh Lord, I have killed someone’s son.Another thing stroke my head that, at least it’s God’s miracle. He’s punishing Ken for playing with my feelings. I felt bad tho. He might think I’m a sucker. I have to find ways and explain to him I made a mistake.

“Wow, you ordered for this, can you eat all?” I asked Ken.

“Like seriously, aren’t you the one who ordered for it?” he questioned.

“Oh no, I ordered for chicken thighs and salad, it might be a mistake. I’m so sorry.” I apologized.

“It’s ok enjoy”. He said. The look on his face didn’t show he was happy at this point. I’m so sure he won’t there call my line again.

“Noo Ken, lemme call the waiter so they take it back.” I pleaded to him but he still said I should enjoy.

Well if God says yes, who am I, Deba, to say no. I blessed the Lord for the meal and took my knife and fork.I placed my knife on the chicken to slice. My knife hit on something hard in the chicken. Well, it may be a bone. Just after slicing a part, I saw a box in the chicken. I brought out the box and it was a phone box. So this guy actually got me a phone and I have been insulting him in my head.

Aww Deba, I felt ashamed of myself, I thank God that I didn’t show up any sign of dislike in the first place.

“Goodness, what is this Ken?” I asked.

“I actually got it alongside the diary for you. Open it, anything you see in it is yours.” he said.

I took the box and opened it…

To be continued.

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