The cause of the Death of the KNUST SHS Student Has been Discovered

Approximately 72 hours after the death of the final year of KNUST Senior High School male student, Master Richard Leonard Sam, he died of stomach ulcer.

Sam was a student of the day but he had to go to the boarding-house for the final years following the orders of President Akufo Addo’s COVID-19, a SHS alum.

What happened

Sam started having stomach pain after breakfast on Tuesday, July 7 , 2020. His friends helped him by telling him that everything was going to be all right, but after lunch his pains worsened.

Around this time , the students started to agitate about getting the boy into a health centre. When the teachers remained ‘insensitive,’ they called a taxi and rushed to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, but the gatekeepers refused them entry on the grounds that they had been instructed not to allow students who left the campus to enter the hospital on their own.

Some teachers were informed but they came and stood at a distance suspected of coronavirus being contracted. Sammy ‘s dad was contacted by telephone at this time and told him he was three hours away.

The parent arrived in the hospital 2 hours and a half and carried his son, but he died 30 minutes after he was admitted.


Following a protest by school students in order to demonstrate anger over the incident, the armed police were compelled to restore peace on campus on Tuesday.

School officials were accused of not taking care of the sick boy following a stomach upset during the day by his students.

The news of his death then sent students to the school to a rampage that caused stones to be pelled and the headmaster’s saloon car was destroyed.


In connection with the death of the student, 3 individuals have since been prohibited. Patricia Asamoah, headmaster of the school is the first to be banned. The two others are the Senior Housemaster, Owusu Ansah Seth and the Densu House master of home, Anthony Awotwe. A committee was formed to investigate the events that led to the 17-year-old ‘s death.

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