Tickling the inner rope of my curves

Ringing within me a lovely love bell

Pushes me to fall backwards

Smooth and soft witty watery space

Dumb in the face

Confusion nursing from below

Touching from feet to thighs

Just like a 1970 spell

I could feel on earth hell

Tongue in ears

Strokes to lay down breath

More like a fiercely mile race

Loosing fears

Shivery shaky body

Breakfast before honey

Corny meal rests me horny

Smoothly rubbing butt over

Slow and tick over my rover

Cummin within,I shiver

Eyes all white

Dim red romantic light

All warm and wet

This I can’t fight

Seek the tip to brush

No time to rush the flush

Don’t be flash

When being taken on this flight

Distruct me with a kiss

I confess to this

Curvy strip tease

Gets my groove on with ease

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