The cold of the dawn

Broke into the heat of broad day light

When joy is in the end caught up with sorrow

My heart bears your name

Fraustrated and stressed up

I begin to lose sight

For your love

I can say,I’m on diet

Anytime the birds chirp your name

My heart beats with joy

And then sorrow is conqured

I always feel pampared

With you around

No clear sound

Matched your melodious voice

With a fusion of two hearts

I draw close to your smile

To touch your lips for the last

Never paid attention to all his tution

Kissing you,
I realized,was just an illusion

Decieving myself has surely been long

My truth turning to lies

My emotions played with
By some stingy flies

Just go through your files
And this name you’ll find
The Mastermind !

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