The Man I Loved. (Episode 3).


“I’m glad that you honored my invitation”. Ken uttered.

“Aww Ken. You are welcome. Anyway how was your day?”. I asked.

He said, “Well it was fantastic, especially meeting you today was superb, and I couldn’t wait to have another time with you.”

“Exactly, you’ll say fantastic if you were hugging a lady like me tightly”. I teased and he laughed. At this point all that I was thinking was for him to ask me out on a relationship date. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Just imagine, a young and handsome guy like Ken in a relationship with such a curvy lady like me. I’m a lady of class indeed. Aside me being hot and classy, I can as well perform all house duties. Aww I’m already in love with Ken, what’s keeping him long to propose to me. Or should I propose to him myself?

I think at this point I’ll say yes to anything that Ken will say. Did I say anything?


What at all is wrong with me? Ken is driving me crazy.I just raised my head to look at his face, to my surprise, this guy was bitting and licking his lower lip slowly. The pace at which he was licking the lip was like that of licking a chilled sweet chocolate ice cream. I swallowed my saliva because I knew the next thing that was going to happen. I was ready for the long awaited moment, KISS.

I saw his head coming closer and my heart began skipping faster with much joy. The beat of my heart sounded in my head as “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss, Kiss…” Woow so my heart is even in consent with what I’m about doing. I felt like crying not because I’m sad, but because I was going to experience a warm kiss with my man. The last time I had a passionate kiss was with my younger brother, Prince.

That was the first time I popped on him naked in his room. When I entered and was asked what happened, I told him I was just coming to check up on him because mom told me he didn’t eat his food when he came from his IT class.

“Why is there any problem?” I asked my brother.

“Deba I’m fine. Nothing is wrong with me just that…” he stopped.

“What is it? Talk to me. I’m your sister you can’t talk to mom if something bothers you right? So talk to me.” I said.

“Deba, promise me no one will hear about this.” he pleaded.

I love my brother so much and I can’t put him in trouble. After all, he sacrificed his education so I can successfully complete my High school education before he continues, after our dad divorced our mother with no compensation.

When it happened, my brother’s decision of dropping out of school, so I can further on with my education and later he continues made me to believe that, maturity is not about age but is about the mindset of the person.

My little brother is so matured than many other elderly people.He worth to be promised and have my trust.

“Prince, listen, the only people I have on earth is you and mommy. Your happiness is my happiness. Lemme lock the door first and I promise you, as we are the only people in this locked room, no one else will hear of it.” I promised and quickly went to lock the door.

He began,” It’s actually about my friends in my IT class. They’re making things uncomfortable for me big sis”. I could feel his pains through the way he talks. His heart was in pains.

“What at all did they do to you my dear?” I held his cheeks and looked into his eyes. “Talk to me, I’ll do anything to help you my lovely brother”.

He began crying as he speaks, “There’s this young lady in our class who likes me. She kissed me unaware yesterday and I didn’t like it, so I told her not to do that again and my peers started calling me names.”

I had wanted to laugh at this point but at least let me sympathize with my brother so he will be ok.

“So is this why you didn’t eat your food last night? You shouldn’t…” I didn’t even finished with what I had wanted to say.

“Not only that sis. One guy said I’m impotent and that’s why I did what I did. The lady didn’t show any action tho, but how they turned me into a laughing stalk made me more sad” he said.

At this point I had to put some sense right in my lazy ass brother’s mind. But how do I do it without making him feel bad. Good idea, action they say speak louder than words, I got a plan.

I started rubbing my hand on his chest, speaking in a very soft tone. I saw the goosebumps on his skin. This boy must be awed with what I’m doing. I was doing this with my left hand because I had fixed nails by then. I placed my right hand on his cheeks and began caressing his hair.

“It’s not a big problem that this happened to you” in a very soft tone I said. “And your sis will not let this happen to you again.” I felt his body tensed and before he could speak, I planted a soft kiss on his lips. I moved on to part up his closed lips with my tongue and he joined with the movement.

We’ve watched a kissing scene together once before so I guess he learned it, because he really behave like a real man. Not so fast but a bit slow. He placed his hand at my back and gave me a tight hug as we kissed. The tempo was so cool and the wind that was blowing through his left ajar window made it more nice. I don’t know how long we kissed but if I’m not exaggerating, we kissed for about 12 minutes.

“You’re not saying anything. Are you okay?” Ken interrupted.

What a good timing it was, I realized I was getting wet beneath. If he hadn’t interrupted, I don’t know what I would have done.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I’m still worried about my younger brother, he sounded worried when he called.” I lied.

He looked at me in a surprised way and said, “So you mean you didn’t hear what I said into your ears?”

“No please, what did you say?” I asked.

“I said if we can go walk around the pool so we can feel the cool temperatures around since they’re not done with the food we ordered.” he said.

“OK no problem, let’s go.” he held my hand as we walked to the pool side.This guy is being boring, so when I thought he was going to kiss me, he just came close, bitting and licking his lips in a seducing way just to speak into my ears. I was pissed of at this point, he’s playing with my feelings.

“Close your eyes” he said.

I think this time around, Ken is going to do something special because a guy has never asked me to close my eyes before. I closed my eyes waiting for a disappointing moment again. I had it all wrong when he handed something in my hands. His words after the gift made me feel loved.

He said, “This is my first time ever taking a lady out, I have never had a good time with any lady like you before. When I hugged you earlier today, I felt relaxed…”

“Of course you’ll feel relaxed when you have this boobs pressing against you” I said in my head.

He continued, “… I wish this great moment will never be forgotten and will forever be remembered. That’s why I give you this. Now open your eyes”.

I opened my eyes and to my surprise, it was…

To be continued.

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