Simple, Easy steps to create a PayPal account in Ghana for free.

Since Ghana is one of the countries blacklisted from having a PayPal account, many people find it unbelievable when they hear that they can actually create an account here in Ghana. Paypal is a preferred payment method for many online businesses or side hustles. If you are one who likes to work from home as a freelancer with websites such as fiverr or swagbucks, having a PayPal account is a must have. Many people who do online jobs as side hustles easily give up because they seem to not find a good payment method to receive their money, having a PayPal account is a dream come true for them. However, you should worry no more if you are in despair since you can actually create and own a PayPal account in Ghana.
Following these steps carefully will help you create a PayPal account. You will not need to pay anyone to do it for you afterwards.
You may not do online side hustles but having a PayPal account is important anyway.
Read on to see how you can create one all by yourself. All you need is a valid Email address and a phone number.

Note that a PayPal account can only be created on a PC or laptop. You can always log in with your phone afterwards. PayPal has programmed the creation of the account in a way that it can only be created on a computer. Now to get started,because Ghana is a blacklisted country on PayPal, you can use any African Country which is not blacklisted in your web browser’s address book to create your account. In order words,you may type or in your address book to get started with creating the account. Note that le stands for Lesotho. This allows you to sign-up for an account. Do not worry about the country because you can always choose Ghana as your country when filling the form. Personally, Lesotho didn’t work for me even though it works for others so I used Kenya.

After opening the web page, click the sign up option to begin. Choose the type of account you wish to create, that is, either a personal account or a business account. I recommend a business account type if you want to have a payment method for side hustles.

Step 3
Fill in your details such as your business name and type, if you are creating a business account and your In the box where you have to fill in your phone number, select the Ghana flag to get the country code. You may also select Ghana as your nationality to help you fill in your National Identity number.

Follow the rest of the instructions to finish up creating your account. You will receive an Email to verify your account. After receiving the Email, proceed to click the link that will be provided to verify your account and then link your debit/credit card or bank account to your PayPal account to make tansactions.

If you do not receive an Email to verify your account, go to the dashboard on your account after logging in and select summary. Scroll down to locate where it says, “verify Email” to proceed. You can also follow the same steps to set up payment method and link your credit/debit card or bank account to your PayPal account. All you need to do is to follow the instructions given.

See below:

Go on and enjoy your PayPal account.

If you still find it difficult to create an account after following the steps above, I suggest you click on the link below to watch a YouTube video on how to go about it.

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