Coronanvirus: Once schools close, students may be vulnerable to raping predators-Napo

In spite of constant calls to do so after Coronavirus cases have been reported, Matthew Opoku Prempeh ‘s numerous defenses in support of the government’s decision not to shut down schools prevents students from being put into risk, including falling victims of the attack.

After some workers have tested positively on coronavirus, the Minister for Education has shoot down the ‘shut down of schools’ option.

“If any of them are alone, do you know what can happen? In an interview on Peace FM, local Dialect Asante Twi claimed that they can be vulnerable to rape offenders and other vices.

“I’m going to commit a sin if I call for schools to be closed because of a few incidents,” Dr. Opoku Prempeh told me.

In his speech to the nation President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo declared that the final year for various secondary and university students would re-establish and plan for final study as government continuously alleviates restrictions.

Akufo-Addo explained that the decision to include the schools in phase one of the easing of restrictions was taken advisedly.

He said: “There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the resolution of this pandemic. We have our own unique situation in the country, and we have always taken that it into account in dealing with this disease, much as we are prepared to learn from the examples of others.”

“Education, however, is the cornerstone for our country’s future. The standard of education provided by our educational institutions will eventually decide our nation’s progress or some other means of ensuring the future for the younger generation who are the focus of education today and represent our future.”

Although the President emphasized that steps to protect students had been taken, some cases in some schools were reported, indicating that the government postpone its decision to avoid the worsening of the figures.

Nine Mpraeso Senior High School students are isolated from the Kwahu South District of the eastern region waiting for test results. Eight cases of coronavirus in Accra Girls’ Senior High School have been previously confirmed. Students and parents stirred up the news of the announcement.

A few days ago, after a lot of vomiting and stomach pain, a final-year student of KNUST SHS in Kumasi died on the campus. According to students, the school authorities ignored their colleague for fear of contracting COVID-19.

In the middle of this, Dr Paa Kwasi Baidoo, regional Chairman of the GHAs, called on the Ghana Education Service to rethink the decision on schooling, which was opposed by his Minister. “How soon will the schools close?

Nobody at school bought the virus, they brought it home. When considering the procedures, isolation and quarantine, where isolation and quarantine will be safer. I don’t agree with them today or tomorrow to say that we will close classes. That is relevant is the guidelines for teachers and headmasters, ” Dr. Opoku Prempeh said.

The Minister has reiterated that even though there is a virus, every Ghanaian has to play their respective roles in ensuring national development, in accordance with the safety protocols, and has gathered more arsenals to defend his position.

He said: “Who is going to work in the ports to collect profits for paying people? You get paid for the work and say you ‘re not going to get to work because of COVID. When you’re not going to work, who will be paid every month for you. It does not just mean that you do not guard against COVID-19 when you go to work. We have to go to work to defend ourselves and others from the virus.

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