The Man I Loved.


“Mmm, ahhh, take it easy baby”.

These sound still echoes in my head anytime I think about that very day.

“Harder,harder, harder, hit me harder boy”. I screamed as I woke from sleep. He quickly rushed to me. Gave me a tight hug and asked if I was OK. I didn’t know who it was, but the warm and tight hug made me feel like I’m in the arms of a caring man.

I said “Yes I’m fine, and I’ll be ok”. He asked me to look at him. I raised my head and Oh my God, I nearly screamed the Lord’s name in vain. I said to myself, this is the most handsome guy ever seen on earth.He told me he’s Ken, a writer. I wasted no time and spilled him all my profile. I’m Deba, aged 19 and a model. I’m pretty sure my reactions got he awed as he stared at my tiny waist for about 2 minutes before I interrupted him.

“Hellooo” I said.

“Oh, I’m so sorry for looking at you in that way. I was just thinking about how a writer and a model can work together. Anyway pardon me for my nonsense behavior. I’m a stupid guy” he said.

Woow, my guess was good. This young charming angel is crushing on me. I can’t wait to get him in my bed. Oh goshh. WtF am I even thinking about? I’m being a slut.

“Oh never mind. Thanks for coming to my aid.” I said as I picked my bag. He requested for my number and asked if he can contact me so we go for dinner later in the night. I gave him my phone number and left him in the auditorium.

So this happened my first day at the university before orientation and I was desperate to get this young guy down in bed. As I said earlier, my name is Deba a young girl aged 19, very slim and fair. God has blessed me with some nice ass and D-cup breast. As a model have worked out almost 4 years to get my body in shape. Well any guy that sets eyes on me wants to get into my pants but little did I know I’ll meet a young man like Ken and fall greatly for him.

I was still thinking about this guy as I walk to my hostel. I dropped off at a food joint to get some snacks. As I was calling the vendor, I heard myself saying “Ken, can you get me that soft drink?”.

“Excuse me Ma’am?” the vendor just called me Ma’am. That was when I realized I wasn’t with him. Oh like seriously I’m getting so much into this guy. I got my snacks packaged and took it to the hostel.

When I got there, I realized I have gotten a roommate who said she’s Aba. Well I was thinking all about Ken, that I just said “OK, I’m Deba”.

“Nice Meeting you rommie”. Aba said.

“It’s a pleasure girlfriend”. I had to be nice to my roommate at least. Just as I was about starting up a conversation, my cell phone rang. I took it and realized it was a strange number. Oh my goodness, that was so fast. Ken is calling. I cleared my throat so I can keep my good and seductive voice. I answered the call.

“Hello” in a seductive manner as I speak.

“Herr, Akua Debolah” I realized it was my mom. This woman and her problem with “R” and “L”. What a bad guess this time around.

“Yes Maa, what’s the problem?”. I asked.

“You left your medicated spectacles and that your pamphret oo”. She said. That woman must still be at the market because the environment was very noisy.

“Ahhh Mama, is Pamphlet and not Pamphret. You’re always having problems with R and L” I teased.

“Herr lemme think ok. That’s why I am taking you to school. So when will you come for it?” Aunty Mary as popularly called by our neighbors, my mother asked.

“Well mom, give it to Ken so he brings it to me.” I said.

“And who is Ken?” she asked again. At this time I knew I had f**ked up.

“Eii sorry Ma. I mean Prince”. I was so fast. Prince is my lovely brother who worries a lot. I am 2 years older than him, and I have had sex with him twice. I really loved my brother so much. Don’t worry I’ll tell you about him, let me finish with mom.

“Ahh OK. I will give it to him so he brings it to you. And please be careful of the friends you associate yourself with…” this woman has started again with long advice.

“Alright mom, and thanks for the advice. Bye.” I quickly hang up the call before she could say any thing.

Now back to my brother Prince. Aside being 2 years younger than me, his physical looks makes him look as if he’s even older than me. We mostly fight either I’m my room or his always messy room. I once pumped onto him naked in his room one day and he was cool with that. What I saw made me love him most. So Prince asked what I wanted in this room that afternoon.

Wait, someone’s calling. Another strange number, this must be Ken. I quickly answered and waited for the person’s voice.

“Hi Deba, this is Ken”.

“Oh Ken, hey wassup?” I was so excited at this point.

“I’m ok. Was just checking up on you to see if you’ve arrived at your hostel safely”. He said.

With such great joy, I said “Oh yeah, I’m very safe and thanks for your care”.

“Can you make it up for dinner 7pm at Royalty Restaurants?”.

“Errrm, Ok Ken. I’ll do that for you”. I just said that knowing well that I wanted to go out with him. Herr ladies we can pretend oo.

“Oh don’t worry, if you’re not comfortable with it I can reschedule it”. He can’t be serious with this. I have to play smart.

“Oh no problem Ken. Lemme just prepare and catch up with you”. I said.

“Alright Deba, Thanks for honoring my invitation. See you soon. Bye”.


Wow I just had a good day. It was like we spoke for hours but I just checked and realized it was just 7 minutes call.Anyway lemme take a shower and prepare to meet my crush.I’ll tell you about my brother when I return from my date.

To be continued…

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