The Man I Loved. (Episode 2).


Oh my goshh, I can’t believe this is happening. Wait what dress should I even wear? Lemme take this red, rosy shiny dress. No I love this jeans too. But what if things get tipsy and we decide to have it maybe on the roads, or lemme just wear skirt and top? I kept asking myself all these questions and kept looking for the best outfit.

“Where are you going if I may asked?”. Aba questioned. I can’t trust this girl with my stuffs like this. Mmmm I have to act smart as usual.

“Oh Aba, I’m just going to meet a friend of mine”. I answered.

She laughs, “Just a friend? Are you really sure?”. She asked. What will Aba be thinking or I should tell her the truth. No I’ll have to keep it to myself.

“Yeah, my friend”. I insisted. “And why do you ask if he’s just a friend?”. I added.

“Oh, I just wonder why you’re are finding it difficult to select an outfit for a dinner with a friend. Well I was thinking that if he’s a guy you want to go out with, don’t dress to show off. It will just drive him away from you.” Aba advised. Woow Aba sounds right. Ken might think I’m a high class lady he can’t afford. I think I’ll wear something casual and descent. I have to look elegant tho.

“Aww thanks so much girlfriend. I really appreciate your advice”. I thanked her and focus on selecting something nice.Whiles choosing from the many clothes I have, I came across one glossy pink dress with a white petty coat that Prince got me on my birthday last year.

And this dress has always been my favorite, because after sleeping with him in his room on my birthday, he got me that dress as my birthday gift. It was a slim fit so any time I wear that dress, you see my lustful body shapes. At least my little brother has a good taste too.I began feeling horny when thinking about the moment I had with him on my birthday, but thanks to Ken, when he sent me the directions to Royalty Restaurant. The beep of the message brought my senses back which had gone to my brothers room, thinking history will repeat itself.

I quickly went for a shower and got dressed. I waved at Aba and headed to the door.

“Aren’t you going with CD?” Aba murmured.

“Jesoozzzz, Aba, what the hell am I going to do with that?” I said. “For crying out loud I’m not a prostitute, so why…”

“I’m not saying you’re. You just have to play it safe who knows what will happen.” she joined in.

She’s really making sense, but not on my first date. I won’t stoop that low even though I want him so badly. I’ll just go without it and I’ll know how to handle him.

“Errm Aba, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I’m getting late I gotta go.” I slammed the door and left her.

No need to waste time. Royalty Restaurant is a 43 minutes drive away from my hostel. Trying to look more classy, I ordered for a ride to the place. As I got there, I phoned him to ask where exactly he was.

“Hi Ken”

With his angelic voice, he responded “Hey Deba, the only female angel that descended on earth, no wonder female angels are found in heaven”.

Woow, did he just called me angel. The only person that calls me by that name is Prince. So Ken is soon going to be my second Prince.

“Oh will you stop flattering me and show me where you are?”. I was so desperate to meet him.

He laughed. His laughter was of no difference from my younger brother. Or was it because I love him a lot that’s why I presume everything to be him.

“Oh Ken, what’s the laughter for? Kindly show me where you are sitting please?”. I requested.

“Look on your phone screen, and behold ye shall find where I sit.” he said.

I quickly took the phone from my ears, thinking he has sent me even a message. WtF!!! My jaw dropped. This can’t be happening to me. I went back to the phone.

“Herrrrrr Prince.” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. So I have been talking to my younger brother without knowing. So I mistakenly phoned Prince my brother instead of Ken.

“How are you dude?” I asked.

“Interesting, angel Deba, so who is this Ken that wants to erase me from your heart?” he asked.

Less I forget, my brother is just a flirter. He actually knows how to make a lady feel so special. He have this kind of tone he use when giving you compliments. Just the words he said has made me even forget coming to see someone. I’m already missing this lazy ass brother of mine. No wonder I keep fighting ladies that comes to look for him in his absence.

Prince is just every lady’s choice. And I’m also a lady so I deserve something better.

“Baby boy, my one and only handsome king, relax, no one is taking you from my heart dear.” I said with excitement.

“Oh I see my pretty queen. Then who is Ken else I tell mommy.” he threatened.

“What? You tell mommy that we’ve been sleeping together or I’m not in school?” I asked with fear.

He laughed for few seconds before he spoke, “I’m just kidding. You know I won’t put you in trouble.”

I felt relieved now. I saw Ken coming my direction so I needed to end the call soon before my younger brother makes me say things.

“Prince, Ken is a course mate and he’s taking me out for dinner. I have to go now will call you when I come back.” I didn’t wait for him to even say bye and I dropped the call.

“Hey, pretty lady, are you having any problem. I have seen you standing and talking, why is your boyfriend upset that you came here? I can cancel this meeting ok.” Ken said.

“Oh Ken, don’t worry, I have no boyfriend, and that was my younger brother, he’s the only boyfriend I have.” I made this silly comment as he laughed.

“Okay then, let’s go get a place to sit, get something to drink and eat as well.” he hugged me as he held my hand like a real gentleman.

The fragrance of his purfume was so sweet like roses.Ken was in a very nice single buttoned suit with a gold watch. He’s trousers was so fitted and matched with his mirror shiny shoes.

This guy is so gentle. I looked at his face and laughed. I realized the night lights are making his eyeballs change color, that was so nice and matched his pointed nose. He smiled and there, I saw his nice dimples, something my brother is lacking.

He just took off my hands and held me by the waist as we walk to our seat.We sat and he ordered for Club Shandy 3 bottles and I requested for any soft drinks since I don’t take alcohol.

Whiles waiting for our drinks, he looked me in the eye and began talking. Honestly speaking I don’t even remember a single word he said then. I was busy staring at his lips. I began imagine how nice that lips will be on mine.

“Should I opened it Madam?” the waiter asked. How evil some people can be, can’t you let me enjoy this my imagination? Hey leave that boy alone, he’s just doing his job, kindly leave him out of your lustful imagination. My instincts battled it out.

“Sure, open them and thank you.” I looked at Ken and He was smiling. I bowed my face waiting for a compliment at this moment. Finally I have met Ken.

To be continued…

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  1. Drop episode three dear
    I can’t wait this girl has wild imagination
    I wonder how she slept with his brother she needs deliverance

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